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19th June 2014
Welcome to our newsletter,
"The Pride" 

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19th June 2014 Newsletter

A regular away game week for most of Melville. Our Premier 1 Men and Women played at PHS. We had a great support group there and it was good sitting in the stands with our MCHC members taking it to the WASPs this week.

Our Premier 1 Men did not win and lost quite convincingly actually. I think a bit of an eye opener. WASPys wanted it more. Personally I put this one down to a lack mental preparedness to understand where we are at in a certain point in time. That is playing a team we must beat to stay in final contention and be a serious contender in the second half of the season. I think players and fans alike now understand this further than the date time lines and mathematics of a fixture board and would expect nothing but positive adjustment in the future. That is from all and keep the faith we can do it and I know this team can bounce back. We believe it.

Our Premier 1 Women fought back from an even position to finish strongly with some mistakes and a tremendous amount of courage to take the lead and then add one more. I think the word being bandied around is RELENTLESS. With several players out and some junior players in the squad who are willing to work with their seniors and learn the common goal which is keep going never give up and it will happen. Then the skill cuts in. A very good win with 3 playing 4 on the ladder and making a profound sporting statement.

Whats Happening - I would like to share some background with Turf scheduling and grounds. It has been a nightmare this season with our whole association. We are not turf grounds rich in the state of WA. There are not enough turf fields to cater to the HWA teams. To boot we had two turfs down at the start of the season with one still operating marginally now. So our own MCHC turf is quite busy and highly utilized. To this end unfortunately though with such pressure on adequate playing surfaces a lot of competitions like our Ladies Masters and non top squads are getting very late time slots and with the Ladies also with reduced playing times. It is not fair or good enough and I understand this. I do know that if all goes well the down turfs will be up and there should be at least two extra in the pool by next season. HWA has upward pressure on clubs to have turf fields. So please be patient the immediate crisis issue looks like being resolved by next year. We then go back to busy.
Melville City Hockey Club is in negotiations with CoM, DSR and HWA to get another facility. So we know there is a need as above even without a crisis. Unfortunately things are moving slowly. Our wonderful present turf was resurfaced and had major civil works completed in out off main season time. This accentuates the importance of this project that was completely ready to go and first class well prior to the start of the season. All managed, designed and financed by MCHC members, volunteers and a sinking fund started many years ago. Food for thought and I hope noticed by the above organizations. We do ask as a responsible club with many members to allow us to get a move on so we may have our facility and second turf so hockey and sport can advance in our state. I will keep you updated.

Uniform Shop - Did you notice the uniform shop opened last week. A couple of celebratory bottles of wine were shared while our diligent Uniform volunteers served from an easy to set up and more professional premise. It will start to look better as time goes on but for now it is up and running so please come and top up on all your uniform requirements.

Volunteer Request - While on volunteers, the kitchen staff are looking for part time kitchen assistants to learn the role from Lynda and Maureen. If anyone is interested and we do need your help please contact Lynda on Mob: 0418945876.

This Saturday 21st June is the back to the club night. See main announcement below for more details. We would like to make the next one even bigger with greater attendance at the games and night. 21 June, 4:00 - 7:00PM back to back games. Don't forget that there are MCHC games either side of these time slots also so come early or stay late there is always a game on at Melville.

I am also pleased to announce that our Honorable Mayor of the City of Melville and Melville City Hockey Club Patron Russell Aubrey will be attending the games with his lovely wife Glenis. It is always good to see them and please make them most welcome on the day.
The Committee look forward to seeing all our members at the club this Saturday.
Gary Bowater - Melville City Hockey Club – President.
PS and remember you can link directly to the Melville Website at anytime, from anywhere and access the weekly newsletter, links to fixtures and results, important information or links to our social media pages. 

Melville Women 1s

In the lead up to the last game of the first round, the Melville Toyota League women are looking strong finals contenders. This week will see the Melville Toyota League women take on YMCC at Duracraft Stadium on Saturday at 4pm. After a hard fought 5-3 win over 5th placed WASPS last week, the MTL ladies will be looking to finish the round with another solid win this week.

Mens Top Squad

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS to top squad member and 1's player, Dan McEntee, who will line up this saturday at home at Duracraft Stadium, for his 400th game. A massive achievement.  This coincides with our Back to Club day so sure to have lots of support.

The Mens 1's will be fired up this week, to atone for the loss to WASPs last saturday.  An extract from Pete Freer : "What can I write this week with a 4 goal drubbing by Wasps Men. I can only be honest, and say our performance was disgraceful. It lacked character, lacked hard running, lacked first to the ball, lacked physical presence, lacked desire and intent, and amongst many other things lacked positive energy.
Some even showed the arrogance to blame others when they too were missing traps, not working hard in the press, not stringing passes together etc. etc. Guys, don't get ahead of yourselves, in everything, and that is in everything you do, you are only as good as your last minute whenever that minute one second you can destroy your reputation!"  Click here for full report.

Match Reports

Each Wednesday afternoon/night during normal rounds, all match reports received will be available in the weekly match report pdf links  (see news/match report page on website)

Junior Update

We are now at the half-way mark of the season, with this weekend being Round 7. The weather has been fairly kind to us all so far, but this weekend could bring a wet change! I hope you can all stay dry. After this weekend’s game, there is one more round (27/28/29 June) before we break for the school holidays. Games for Juniors will resume on the weekend of 25/26/27 July.
If you are looking for some hockey action during the school holidays, Australian Sports Camps are holding a clinic on our turf. They are offering a 20% discount to Melville Juniors who register. Click on this link for the discount:
Many of you will have had contact with Vanessa McMillan (Cornwall) over the last few years, either as your child’s Year Co-ordinator, or through her work in organising our teams for Bunbury (a mammoth task!). You may also know that the last six months have been VERY busy for her, welcoming baby Alexander and also marrying Daniel. Vanessa has decided that she needs a break from her busy schedule to spend more time with her family, and has stepped down as J7/8 Girls Year Co-ordinator. I would like to thank her for all of the work that she has put in as a member of the Junior Committee. Our club would not be able to function without people like Vanessa giving up their time to help run the club, so that our children can play hockey. Chris Cocks has volunteered to take on the role of J7/8 Year Co-ordinator for the remainder of this season.
A big thank you to our Junior Umpiring Co-ordinator, Annette Gebauer, who has not only overseen training and accreditation of our junior umpires this year, but has also sponsored our Junior Umpires and provided bright new umpiring shirts for all of them. Thanks Annette, they look great!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Melville Back to the Club Day 21st June 

GAMES AT THE MAROON ZONE BEGIN AT 1.00pm with the Women's 3's, followed by the Women's 2's.  The Women's Top Squad is then on at 4.00pm AND the Top Squad Men at 5.30pm, followed by the Men's 2's at 7.00pm, right through to 8.30pm with the 3's Men.  FULL BAR WILL BE AVAILABLE

Then from 7.30pm please join the MCHC SOCIAL COMMITTEE for our well anticipated 2nd Social Event for Season 2014 in celebrating the FIFA WORLD CUP AT THE MAROON ZONE. 
The Soccer games will be broadcasted on the TV in the Clubrooms as well as a FIFA Tournament on the big screen outside. 

Melville TeamApp

There is now an app for your smartphone, tablet or PC, that gathers all club info in one place: News, fixtures, socialmedia, events and access to the club website. 

Thursday Night Meals

Lynda's famous Roasts - delicious roast beef and vegetables. Meals $10 with a different meal served every 4th week e.g. Lasagne, Curry, Pasta or Beef and Guinness.

Masters Congrats

Masters Mens State
Team Selections

Congratulations from the Club to the following members who have been selected in the various State Masters sides to play in the National Championships to be held in Perth during Sept/Oct14.

Cam Robinson, Michael Starling in the Over 40s
Andy Starling, Brad Potter, David Ross in the Over 40s Division 2
Darran Wilson, Mark Lyon in the Over 45s
Allan Chellew, Greg Ross, Michael Jensen, Ray Archemedi in the Over 50s Division 2
Russell Scanlon in the Over 55s Division 2
Peter Dawkins in the Over 60s
Terry Parker in the Over 65s
Well done and best of luck to all selected.

Uniform Shop

Check out the new and fantastic Uniform Shop tonight and each Thursday night.

Footwear on Turf

All members are reminded that only appropriate footwear is permitted on our turf surface. In appropriate footwear in the form of high heels and work boots can permanently damage the turf. Therefore please do not be offended if you are asked to leave the turf for not wearing soft soled footwear. Bare feet are also not allowed due to potential for infection.  This has been a real concern on Hook in2 Hockey evening games where parents have come from work and are still wearing their work attire.  Please help us protect our asset by assisting with this request. Many thanks in anticipation.
Hans Geers, Turf Chairman
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