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8 May 2014
Welcome to our newsletter,
"The Pride" 

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The club continues to ramp up with all of us now watching and playing good quality senior games. I might add the distance from Altone Park to Halls Head is sometimes a big ask to watch back to back games in these far apart locations for even the best supporter.
A date for the calendar both our Premier 1 Men and Women have back to back games 17 May, Saturday 4:00pm Start for the women and 5:30pm start for the men. This is our first official back to the club night with all the bells and whistles. I look forward to seeing you there along with our Melville Athletes. They love the support. 
Premier 1 Teams Men and Women.
A good start to Senior Men and Women's Hockey. Our Men are holding their own with wins, draws and losses. As the team starts to settle in and gain confidence we welcome specialist Striker Christiaan Stroboer to the front line. Christiaan joins us from the Netherlands and is working into the team nicely. Our Melville Boys as usual are guiding Christiaan into the culture of the club. My confidence grows with this team as the signs indicate a resolve to make it happen all over the field. A tough  game against Hale this week at home. Go Melville.
Our women continue to shine with 3 wins (undefeated to date). This dynamic team is so exciting to watch. Some bad news with Sami Gayle out with both a damaged ACL and MCL. We will both miss and wish Sami all the best for her recovery. The team is also starting to gel like the men and have a tough assignment this week against Aquinas away. We have confidence in them and if they play with the same professional attitude to date we see another victory on the cards. Let's give some support to our Premier 1 teams by attending the games.

Melville Junior Hockey (from the President)  Junior Hockey is underway and Hookin2Hockey (Minkey) starts this Saturday. The grading, planning and preparing is now put into action. We welcome our juniors back and look forward to seeing them play and develop over the season. This year we are lucky to have two programs going that are as follows: Junior development headed up by Russell Lee our long time ones player (retired) and Umpire Development headed up by Annette and Kurt Gerbauer. Thanks must go to these members for Managing these specific programs to improve MCHC Junior Hockey. I think our members will see excellent improvement in their kids hockey for those involved in the programs.

Retirement from MCHC and Turf Committees  I would like to take this opportunity to notify you and thank Steve McEntee for his service to MCHC and his retirement from these committees. Steve has given many years of service to the club and we look forward to seeing him in a more relaxed way with his team and friends at the club.

Facilities Manager:  With all of the events occurring around the club it has been identified that there is a need for a facilities manager for these events. This manager will coordinate and really just check that the Turf, Grounds, Kitchen, Bar, Special Game and Committee are well aware of the event and its requirements and arrangements are in place to deal with the event. I am very happy to advise that our new and first time held Facilities Manager is Graeme Coleman 0414441490. If you have an event on and need it coordinated please advise Graeme at the earliest so he may check that all is in place. He needs to know to help.

What's Happening Update:  The kitchen is in full swing and open Thursday nights as well as weekend game days as normal. If you are training or want a take away meal just pay for one in advance at the counter and it will be ready for you to pick up when you get back. There is no better value and better food than in Melville Kitchen. 
You might also notice that the bar has more selections of drinks and snacks. Come along and patronize our services and catch up with friends or watch a game while enjoying a cool drink. It's a great way to relax and enjoy our sport.

Gary Bowater - Melville City Hockey Club – President.
PS and remember you can link directly to the Melville Website at anytime, from anywhere and access the weekly newsletter, links to fixtures and results, important information or links to our social media pages.

Melville Womens Top Squad

The season is looking very promising for our Melville Toyota League women with wins so far over Fremantle, UWA and North Coast Raiders. We say goodbye this week to our AIS players Rachael Lynch and Edwina Bone who are leaving us in preparation for the World Cup in the Hague. Our Premier 2 Women had their first win of the season over North Coast Raiders on Sunday and the Premier Alliance Women ended their game with North Coast Raiders in a draw. This Saturday we will see the top 3 women’s team playing off against Old Aquinians at Aquinas College. 

Melville Mens 1's

Coach of Melville Mens 1's team, Peter Freer, reports the round 5 win for Melville Toyota League Mens, an abstract is below, and full report will be in the Melville match report link.
Peter Freer:  The Melville Men ventured to Mandurah Turf this last weekend in what proved to be a tough game vs Peel. Peel have been newly promoted to First Division and with 5 imports and 2 Aussie players meant an unknown quantity for us.  The Melville boys continued their structure development from the past two weeks and so performed at a good standard. By half time Matt Willis had pinged two pcs past the English GKs ears for us to go into the break two up.  To the teams credit we went on a rampage 15 minutes into the second half with final result 6 to 1 up.
We have a big game v Hale this coming weekend, so we are looking forward to more support and to chat with you all after the game.   
 (see full match report)


Social Scene - Melville 'M' Party 

Come dressed as anything beginning with the letter ‘M’to celebrate the first MCHC social event of 2014 – come dressed as a magician or a mummy or a mexican – anything beginning with the letter M.
The bar will be in full operation as well as the ‘M’ themed tunes cranking.  Games begin at the Maroon Zone at 1:00pm with the 3’s Women right through to 8.30pm with the 3’s Men – Party will kick off at 7.30pm at MCHC Clubrooms. Click for more

Sponsors of Melville Hockey

The banners on the Melville website display in rotation Melville City Hockey's valued sponsors.  If you need a product or service, why not check first if one of our sponsors could help you? Support those who support our club.

If you or your business is interested in supporting the club through sponsorship, Peter Oudejans, our Sponsorship and Finance Co Ordinator on 0429318859 or email


Thanks to TJM Photographics for their tireless work each weekend photographing games at all levels around the club. You can find a selection on the Melville Facebook page and website, and if you want copies of any please contact Teresa. We also thank Teresa for allowing us to use the some of the photographics in The Pride.

Melville Match Reports

The weekly match / game reports are compiled in to weekly Newsletter PDF which can be access any time via the Newsletter tab on our website. Or click here.

Uniform Shop

Tracy Hunt and the team will be opening the Uniform Shop on most Thursday nights until late season.  You might already have your uniform, but there are so many other club apparel/items you may be interested in; the ever popular Hoodies, wet weather gear, scarfs, caps, Guernseys, sticks and safety equipment and more.  Visit the professional uniform team on a thursday night soon (ps: remember the Uniform Shop is a great source of gift ideas for coaches and managers!)  

Thursday Night Roasts

Roast night is every Thursday during the season - $10 for delicious roast beef and vegetables.

Lynda's famous Roasts return with a different meal served every 4th week e.g. Lasagne, Curry, Pasta or Beef and Guinness.

Senior Umpiring

Keep up with Umpiring commitments, and workshops by keeping an eye on the Umpiring page of the Melville website.   And please a reminder to all players and spectators to respect your umpires.  Without umpires we would not have a competition. We rely on volunteers to put their hand up to Umpire so give them your support.


Excitement mounts as the Hookin2Hockey season commences this Saturday 10th May
For all logistical info check the Hin2H page on the Melville website.  If you don't have your uniform yet, you will need to visit the Club Uniform shop TONIGHT.   Don't forget your loose change for the BBQ - thanks to our Top men and women players who will man the BBQ through the season.


The Junior season is finally underway! We have 26 junior teams this season, playing on Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings, depending on the age group. Some teams started their season with a bye, and are eagerly looking forward to this weekend.  A big thank you to all of our umpires! Some teams are lucky enough to have a parent who can umpire their games, but many teams have older Junior players who come along to their matches to make sure the game runs smoothly. Most of these Junior umpires have given up several hours of their own time over the last two weeks, attending a course to help make them better, more confident officials. Please remember to respect them, and thank them for the job they do. Without umpires, we wouldn’t be able to play!
All Junior families should have received an email this week with further information about the Bunbury Carnival. If you are intending to join us in Bunbury, please contact Vanessa Cornwall as soon as possible. (Closing date: 14 May)
Finally, most of our age groups are full now, but there are still some vacancies in J5/6 and J7/8 Boys. If you have any friends who you think might like to come and play hockey at Melville, please encourage them to contact us! 
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