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Preview of the new Astrologic Blog

Thank you and welcome.
Before anything, I would like to thank this group of special readers for their last year Newsletters loyalty. Be welcome to today's new Astrologic Blog, which will open the dialog among us and to the public at large. 
If you like it, tell your friends. If you don't, tell me.
The Blog in beta version is here. Things are moving very fast in the internet world. A new website we developed over the last 3 months became obsolete before its launch!!  Today a majority of internet viewers are using tablets and smart phones. Google bots are giving preference to responsive sites. So we had to totally redesign the site to be watchable on any screen size. As in past Newsletters, the Blog will cover world topics as well as preparing us for the irreversible world paradigm shift, all with an astrological flavor.
Greece-EU update. Four months ago I published an article about that conflict and wrote today an update in the new Blog. Check it out and give your comments.

Think globally, feel locally and act individually.
In light and harmony, Serge
About us
Serge Bernard is the publisher of the new Astrologic Blog. He has been an astrologer since 1975 and received Masters degrees in Applied Sciences, Counseling Psychology and Astrological Sciences. This unusual formal combination gave him ad edge to assist hundreds of people resolving personal issues, finding well-being or gaining greater awareness of their life meaning. The new Blog mission hopes to reach out to a broader audience.
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