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Poor Greeks
Betrayed by Their Own Leaders

Outrageous injustice
I feel heartbroken for the Greek people. Tortured by the German, abandoned by the other countries and betrayed by their own leaders. All along, Greek loans funds never reached the Greek people. They mainly helped French and German banks speculating on Greece bonds high interest rates. Those loans issued with fake euros are now asked to be reimbursed with real euros. And if that was not enough, the money is imposed on the poor Greek people. How far can outrageous injustice go without condemnation?
Alexis Tsipras the Greek people betrayer
Let’s not forget that Alexis Tsipras was the Party of the European Left nominee for President of the European Commission in the 2014 European Parliament election. All along Alexis Tsipras has been favoring the euro over his own people hope for independence.

In light and harmony,

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