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Uncle Richie, Uncle Bernie and Uncle Sammy
Lessons about money from 3 speculators

Speculation with fake money works ... until it doesn't ... When it is only backed by belief, money is just ink on paper. By listening to Uncle Richie (the local), Uncle Bernie (the national) and Uncle Sammy (the world), we may question our money system and draw practical lessons for our daily lives.

Uncle Richie a/k/a Mr Monopoly a/k/a The Banker.
Uncle Richie prints fake money but he looks like a good guy because (1) he gives everyone the same capital to start the real estate speculation game, (2) that capital is a gift and not a loan, and (3) he has no expectations at the end of the game whether from millionaires or bankrupts. Non of this would actually happen in real life.
The Monopoly money devilish side. Good Uncle Richie has also an evil side as he encourages all players (1) to try to become the single entity to control the real estate market and (2) to rejoice in driving the other players into bankruptcy ...

In light, harmony and fun,

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