Wow what an exciting end to the season and what a busy few months we had, both on and off the pitch.   
On the pitch development front, I am absolutely thrilled to advise that our joint School / Club Water based pitch project is proceeding well. Work commenced on the 27th June when the diggers and dumpers rolled into Beaufort!
Congrats to Social Secretary Eimer Halliden, Lynn Hanly, Nicola Swan and the committee for organising such a super Club Dinner and Awards evening last May. Congrats to all the nominees and to the Award Winners. The venue was excellent, the fun fantastic and all 125 plus members who attended, had a great evening. The celebrations continued late into the early hours – and for some it even ended with breakfast in McDonalds!!

The great news for the coming year ahead is that due to their super performance in the top 4 EY All Ireland League last May, Loreto are once again heading to Europe next Easter to represent Irish Hockey in the Club Championships. The exact venue is not known just yet, but get those Credit Union accounts open, cos the Loreto fans (aka the “Van Incredibles”) are heading to Europe again to support our fantastic 1st Team.  

On the executive committee news.. I would like to say a very special thanks to Smallie, Sarah English, Paula Cunniffe and Eimer Halliden who have stepped down from their Executive roles recently. I know I speak for everybody when I say how much we all appreciate everything you have done over the past year(s).
Joining our new Executive Committee are Wendy Byrne (Club President), Nuala Naughton (Vice President) Niamh Kealy (Club Captain), Lynn Hanly (Social Secretary) and Emma Buckley (Club Secretary), all excellent and committed Club Members. Along with all the other members who have agreed to stay on in their respective roles. We are a very lucky club to have such talented and committed Executive members.
In conclusion, I would just like to say how proud and honoured I am to have been your President for the past two years. During that time, I was very fortunate to have two extremely hard-working Executive Committees along with two super Club Captains in Dello and Smallie. I now plan to step down to a VP Planning & Development role to concentrate on other club projects.
I am absolutely thrilled that Wendy has agreed to take on the role of President and I look forward to working with her. Wendy is a fantastic person, she is Loreto through and through, and I know the club is in great hands with her coming on board as Club President. I am absolutely confident that under her watch Loreto Hockey Club will continue to go from strength to strength, and I know with Wendy leading from the front, great fun will be had along the way.

President: Wendy Byrne

Vice President: Gemma O’Flynn 

Vice President: Edel Maxwell

Vice President: Bronwyn O’Donnell

Vice President: Nuala Naughton

Club Captain: Niamh Kealy

Fixtures:  Noreen O’Riordan

Selection: Jill Barton 

Treasurer: Cara Brophy 

Correspondence Sec: Emma Buckley

Social Sec: Lynn Hanly 

Development Sec: Sinead Kane
To all in Loreto, 

I am writing to you on behalf of the firsts to thank you for the incredible support we received this season. 
I text Deirdre Naughton last year to tell her that the Irish team had been raving about the Loreto supporters and how special they made the tournament for us. I was so proud to be associated with Loreto and so delighted that the other Irish girls got the chance to feel and experience the all enduring, relentless and pure joyful support you get in Loreto. 
This pride was once again realised this year and I was again so proud. The Loreto supporters were the talk of Amsterdam. Players, coaches, officials they were all in awe. 
However it’s not just the big occasions I want to thank you for. You stuck by us through relegation, you travel to every corner of the country to cheer us on and no matter how bad the mistake you continue to encourage. 
Although we did not come home with any silverware this year it has been a fantastic season for us and a large part of that is down to the club. 
Thank you all for making it such a special season and we can’t wait for another trip next season! 

Hannah and the Firsts
All going well the irrigation work will all be finished by the end of July at which point the work will begin on the main pitch. This is a very exciting pitch development, which when finished, will make our Clubhouse and Pitch facilities one of the best in the country.
The new pitch will also mean we will be able to see our First Team back in action playing their EY matches at home in Beaufort. Massive thanks to the club pitch development committee (Inez, Paula & Cara) who are working very hard behind the scenes on this project.
PRESEASON 2019/2020

Dust off those astros and stretch those legs.....
Preseason training will kick off on Monday, August 19th on the back pitch in Three Rock Rovers, stay tuned, time TBC 

Season launch night is the 28th of September 🎉🎉

Giving you plenty of notice to get yourselves sorted for the partaaayyy 🙌🙌 Further details to follow!
Another summer in Loreto Hockey Club can mean only one thing, the now annual mums summer hockey! This kicked off at the end of April with over 70 participants this year. Several ladies returning for another session with plenty more venturing out for the first time. The super coaches Bronnie, Paula, Trevor, Paul, Fiona, Gemma, Nicola and Rory were there each week to put us through our paces! From squats and lunges to the plank, with a little bit of hockey thrown in too we discovered muscles we didn’t know existed. The highlight of the weeks was without a doubt the BBQ and Blitz night. I think it’s fair to say this night is now a community event where the Dads did the BBQ, the mums played the matches and the kids came out in force to support. There were six team competing this year for the coveted trophy and after a strong final between the Black and Red teams the Reds were crowned victors for 2019. The winning didn’t stop there, we had three more strongly contested prizes on the night. The Annual Plank Champion went to Catherine Cotter for a super performance! The Dame of the Game trophy was awarded to Lisa Richie for some excellent skills displayed on the pitch. Finally, the “Bitch on the Pitch” award went to Deirdre Mc Donnell for her never say die attitude and ability to “take out” the opposition!! Another super fun filled summer hockey season all around. Roll on 2020!
This year really was a bumper year for the club and not only have we shown on the pitch across all teams that we are a force to reckon with, we again showed the hockey community why we are the best supporters too.

In no particular order...
The 4ths
The fourths started off the year being coached by Stew then Wendy and Country took the reigns. They were captained by Sylvia and had Niamh Kealy as their manager. They had a rollercoaster of a year some ups some downs and a whole lot of fun in between.
Most people whether they are new or even returning to play have a hang on the rules and regulations of a match….. but during the very last match of the season Laura B comes out with a classic….so how long is a half? Niamh also had to check an important issue with Pommers “do they stop the clock for short corners?”
The girls played Monkstown in a league match away, Jane and Cora showed up an hour early to go ‘sightseeing’……..In Blackrock!!! During the match the girls were 3-0 down heading towards the final whistle and Jillo shouts acrossthe pitch, Come on Loreto, we’ve got this!
Rhona being a good team mate was checking in with Jill before a match as she was injured, she enquired how her leg was doing and wanted to know was she doing “PEAS” but what she really meant was “R.I,C,E”
One of the best ones I’ve heard was Claire was telling Niamh Kealy she was purposely wasting time against Clontarf… Claire obviously was thinking they were winning and thinking she was doing the bizz but in fact they were losing the match.
The sevenths were coached by Trevor and captained by Sally. This is the first year in a long time we have been able to have a sevenths team and they had a fantastic season.
In fact its best summed up by Trevors favourite tag line. Whenever someone does something well or makes a good tackle you can hear Trevor shouting “All day, All day”
During a match Karen kept putting her hand up to signal we got a free. After the match she said “You're allowed do that aren’t you”?
During one of their matches Trevor kept talking about them only having 10 players …..forgetting about poor Paula in goal. That makes 11..
The mortal sin……someone didn’t give back their away jersey after a match against Glenanne (its still missing.) One night Kate Kirwan told SAF she had found it…the delight didn’t last long as SAF realized she was joking….you're a braver woman than me Kate!
Not just satisfied with playing hard the 7ths party hard too…the girls went out for a team brunch at 1pm of a Sunday which turned into a 12 hour sesh. Let's just say there were some very sore heads.
Super 2nds
The seconds this year really were super. Coached by Cathy and assisted by Clodagh, Captained by Triona O’ Kelly.
You can’t help but feel sorry for any team that had to come play our seconds with the skill, strength and talent that they have, they didn’t stand a chance and so it turned out when the girls deservedly won the league.
There was a lot of movement up and down for the cups between the 1sts, 2nds and 3rds this year.
For this particular cup some of the thirds were playing for the seconds. So naturally the players had to train together…. up rocks Sharkey to training and McKean is picking teams for the mini game. She puts Olivia and Sharks in bibs but then thinks about it and says no the teams wouldn’t be even as your too strong, Sharks looks up about to head to the other team when Cathy says Olivia you would be too strong you go on the other team, Sharkey was disgusted and Cathy then tried to get herself out of the hole she has just dug by saying it’s a good thing I mean like I’m saying your daughter is class……but I’m not is it Sharks starts to say… Cathy went to go again to retrieve the situation but we all know you’re not getting out of that one Cathy….
The fifths this year were coached by Niamh Kinsella, managed by Paul Blake Knox and captained by window smasher Aoife Barnes.
So I’ve heard that all year Lynn had ‘fun’ on a Friday night you could say, and used to turn up half cut to the games….but she had the last laugh as for the last match she arrived fresh as a daisy and played a game of who’s the most hungover….the contestants were Gemma, Niamh O’Reilly and Eimer. Niamh O Reilly came out the winner as when Fiona patted her on the head at half time for playing so well she nearly keeled over.
After their match in Bray Niamh O’Reilly also had to have a car escort home…Why you ask, was she injured, sick? No her windscreen was making a weird noise?!
The fabulous Paul started a dame of the game award after the match and would present a little bottle of champagne to the winner…… that was until the schoolgirls won the crown!
We don’t condone underage drinking or gambling but Bronnie did get Alysha a bet for her secret santa but in true Bronnie style if it came through Alysha had to half it with her. Every the deal maker and as you can guess the bet came through so Bron…did you get your cut??
Liz throughout the year made a habit of losing all of her glasses and ended up coming to the matches in her prescription sunglasses.
After postponing a weekend away Fiona promised her husband that his birthday weekend away would be very special. Never did he think that during the match Fiona would come out the worst in a dodgy tackle and land herself in a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk and she had no crutches. Not sure about special but it was a birthday weekend to remember alright.
What a whirlwind season the firsts had this year. Coached by Paul and Ian, managed by Anne-Marie and captained by Hannah.
During the recent trip to the Euros we had a training session in Amsterdam before the tournament started. We were all waiting outside the stadium after the session for the bus to take us back to the hotel. We were sitting getting photos on a big tree stump when a group of midge flies swarmed into us and we were remarking on how big they were when one of the girls let out a yelp and said she thought she had gotten bitten by a bug, Grace Donald hopped up off the tree and told us, I hate them,….. I ride my pony very fast so they don’t catch me and bite me….
After our recent trip to Amsterdam we enjoyed a night out on the town where we let our hair down. Even though Hannah seemed totally fine on the way home organising ubers and making sure everyone was accounted for and home safe she seemed to come out of the night the worst off. She was having a rough morning the next morning to put it lightly and the drinks she had the night before were coming back to haunt her. When we got to the airport she took the opportunity to have a lie down and rest her eyes while we were checking in our bags ….that was until she was interrupted by a security guard who wasn’t sympathetic to her situation and told her she was a security risk lying on the floor as when people saw her they would get worried there was something wrong. I feel like he had it all wrong it was a security risk waking her up if you had of seen the look on Hannah’s face and then her sudden dash to the loo.
We recently had a match in Pembroke and Torrans had forgotten her skirt and we were waiting for Daly to bring one down, so she had to get a lend from Grace Donald as she wasn’t starting so they did a swapsies. Having been through the warm up Grace was obviously feeling warm and so took off the tracksuit to reveal her jersey, her socks and a pair of under shorts…the clue is in the name under shorts they are supposed to be worn underneath something only there they were on their own nothing over them and off she went and continued in a three man weave drill. Much to the shock of the rest of the team. We don’t know who got the worst deal that day, Torrans wearing Graces skort that she had forgotten to wash since the previous game or Grace in Torrans’s undershorts.
Slick Sixths
The sixths were coached by Rhona and captained by Emma Buckley.
What a great run the sixths had this year especially in the cup where they were victorious against Avoca.
They had things to celebrate off the pitch too… Karen and Meghan were talking about weddings after one of the matches and Karen said ‘You'll be next” but Meghan laughed it off…When Meghan went home after the match her boyfriend proposed…..Karen have you got the lotto numbers for next week?
After winning the cup final the girls were celebrating in Emma’s house, Ciara Nolan gave Rhona a big hug and told her she had played so well…..Ciara you know Rhona is the coach right.
The 3rds
The thirds were coached this year by Ali Meeke and captained by Maura.
The thirds saw a bit of a reshuffle of players this year and although it took a little while to gel, after Christmas they showed their quality with 6 wins and 2 draws. This along with other results saw them win the league.
They were down a few players though throughout the season…before the Corinthians game Sharks got into a bit of bother..she somehow managed to break her finger…. In the bathroom before the match.
Then there was Amy Mc Cabe who texted into the group to say she wouldn’t be at training cause her legs were gone…when she came to the next session there was only one question everyone wanted to know….did you find your legs?
As Ali is involved in the Irish team she wasn’t available for some matches so Gerry (Robyn’s Dad) agreed to coach the team for a match. Gerry is a pure soccer head and thought he would set the team out in a good sensible formation….4-5-1……It certainly threw off the opposition.
Vets 2s
The Vets 2 brought the sesh everywhere they went…..they even found a novel way of keeping their drinks cold (and im not talking about water bottles) they got a baby bath filled it with ice and bobs your uncle they had a home made cooler.
The girls played a match out in Dalkey so decided to get a bus to bring them all out there. After the match the Dalkey girls set the tone for the night by giving their opposite player a little bottle of champagne each. They then brought the Loreto girls to a pub nearby. Eventually the girls headed back in a bus to loreto where the party continued. At 2am they had had enough and was time to head home….But alas the gate was locked and they couldn’t get out….Had they been sober they could have just driven a car up to the gate and would have opened and let them out but they were anything but sober so went for plan B…If we can't go through the gate then we just have to get over!!!! Thankfully everyone made it over the gates and got home safely.

Representatives Honours
We are very proud of all members who have been recognised at Irish and Interpro levels this year. Congratulations to:
Liz Murphy, Hannah Matthews, Ali Meeke, Sarah Torrans, Nicci Daly all selected for the 3 Nations tournament in Alicante against Spain and India last February and also for a 4 game series against Chile last January.
Sarah Torrans was selected for the U23 six Nations tournament in Royal Antwerp Hockey Club in Belgium last July.
Christina Hamill. Mia Jennings, Liz Murphy, Grace Mc Loughlin, Siofra O’Brien, Caitlin Sheerin were selected for the u23 squad for a 3 match series against Spain.
At Irish u21 level congratulations to Liz Murphy, Grace Mc Loughlin, Christina Hamill, Sarah Torrans, Siofra O Brien, Mia Jennings who are all selected for the Ireland U21 womens tournament being hosted from 31st May to 4th June in Pembroke wanderers.
Aisling Murray was selected on the Irish U18 girls panel.
Robyn Mc Loughlin & Annabel Sweetman selected on the Irish U16 Panel.
Aoife Taffee selected for Leinster U 18 girls for Interpros in Sept 2018 – Leinster won the tournament and Ian Clarke was assistant coach for the Leinster team.
Congratulations to Jess Meeke and Ciara Vincent who were selected for the Leinster Junior interpro team.
Representing Ireland in the Home nations in Swansea and the world cup in spain was
Mary Harkin in the 045s
Maura O’Neill 055s
Linda Jenkinson and Jane Salter in the 050s who won the world cup gold medal.
Thanks to everyone for a brilliant year of Success Selfies! Here’s a few of our favorites....

We’ll see everyone on the back pitch in TRR in August 19th to get ready for some more! 
Our Junior section has over 500 players from Senior Infants to 4th years. It is one of the biggest Junior Clubs in Leinster.  We divide our junior club into two sections. The Primary School players and the Secondary school players from 1st -4th year.
Ciara MacNamara again did a super job as our Junior coordinator for primary school classes, organizing blitzes, organizing coaches and making sure the players are enjoying their hockey coaching.
Ciara’s gets things done in an organized and calm way and she always seems to do her role with a big smile on her face. Ciara thank you for all you have done this season. 
Thanks also to the 9 parents who volunteered to help Ciara and to take on the roles of primary school class coordinators and to the numerous parents who help as managers and motivators at the monthly Blitz’s.
Claire Kelly came on board this year to be the 1st -4th Year                       Co-Ordinator and to say she hit the ground running would be an understatement. Well done Claire on getting the Sunday Rota organized and for organizing all junior Club umpires and coaches.
Thank also to the 25 parents who came on board as league managers for our 14 Junior league teams. Thanks, you all for your total dedication to you teams. The Junior League teams all performed very well, at the end of the season we had the following successes
1st year blue team - coached by John Pearson and managed by Shelia Ruane won the  B shield.
1st year White Team Coached by Hannah Dalton and managed by  Amo Sayed and Monica Fahy were unbeaten all season and they won their league.
Minor C team, coached by Alanah Carrigher and Managed by Teresa Redmond and Dee McDonnell were unbeaten all season and won their league.
Junior A Team – Coached by John Pearson and manager by Gavin O’Hara got to the Semi Final of the JP Cup and won the league plate beating Muckross on 1v1S.
Junior A2 Team– coached by Niamh Kinsella and managed by Maurice Lean and Gerry Moran, reached the final of the league and were unlucky to lose 1 -0.
Junior B2 Team  coached by Alanna Carriger and Managed by Roz Colcough won the shield. This team was
Sincere thanks to Lisa Walsh, Aisling Tuite and Nicola Kenny for all their hard work as Junior Club Fixture Secretaries. How you manage all fixtures with one and a half pitches  -is just amazing ladies.
Many thanks also to Sue Foran, Roisin Flaherty and Dara Fagan for taking on the role of 1st to 4th year co-ordinators
Big thanks to Junior Club treasurer Lisa Tully who keeps the finances all balanced and in check.
Sincere thanks also Trish Bolger our highly efficient Junior Registration Secretary. Trish works closely with the 1-4th year Co-coordinators to ensure all teams sent out to play league matches comply with Leinster Branch registration.
Again, this year we organized our annual two day  6th class trip to Limerick and our 2nd year trip to Lisnagarvey / Carlingford. Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to come along to help. I would like to particularly thank Tanya Smyth, Roisin Flaherty  and Dee McDonnel for all the incredibly work and organization that  they put in in advance to make sure the young players had a two-day trip they will never forget.  Sorry – tour rules, not allowed to mention anything about the mums and their Karaoke singing and dancing!!
Finally, I must mention the one and only Grainne Creagan. Grainne's work in keeping the Junior Club organized is outstanding, and we know all is safe in her capable hands. Grainne is without doubt one of the most committed, hardworking  and organized members in our Club. She literally put months and months of work into handling all the admin behind the Junior Club and we are a very lucky club to have somebody so special in our club. Grainne thank you for all your hard work over the past 12 months in the Junior section.

Lucky Norah McGuire (senior infants) was the winner of our Monster Draw prize. Here are photos of her special day, winning the prize of a Coaching Course with 24 of her friends from Loreto Primary School by our five Irish Senior International. 

After the hockey, Norah and her friends had a pizza party, where she was presented with a signed Irish Hockey jersey!

Well done Norah!


Well done to the Irish Ladies Hockey Team on their recent successful tournament at Banbridge which qualifies them for a 2 day Olympic play off later this year!
Huge congratulations to these Loreto legends who represented the Junior Green Army in Valencia earlier this summer!
Massive well done to all the Loreto Masters who recently played in the Home Internationals tournament  🏑
Final Placings:
- 40s 2nd
- 45s 2nd
- 50s Joint 2nd
- 55s 3rd 


Loreto Hockey Club is proudly sponsored by Toyota Sandyford.
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