Jolla Newsletter
Jolla Tablet Pre-order: Your refund is being processed

Dear Jolla Tablet Pre-order Customer,

As you may know, the Jolla Tablet project has since been discontinued. You can read more here.

As such, and seeing as Jolla will be unable to fulfill you order, Jolla has decided to provide you a full refund. 

Jolla will be advising PayPal to issue you a refund within the next few days. PayPal will subsequently process your refund as soon as they can. And, depending on how you paid, it may take up to 30 days for the money to become available to you.

Nothing further is required of you at this time, as we have a record of your transaction. 

We apologize for the drawn-out nature of this case and we thank you again for considering Jolla Tablet powered by SFOS.


Jolla Ltd.

P.S. should you not get a notification from PayPal within 2 to 3 weeks, simply send a request to us here.