ROC Partners 2015 in Review
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TEAM ROC - 2015 in Review
ROC Partners 2015 has been a year filled with the distribution of God's love through the ministries of Christ's Church Rwanda (CCR) and Kigali International Community School (KICS). The Linden (top left) and Shreck (bottom left) families have served and led primarily through the ministries of CCR while the Bryan (top right) and Hixson (bottom right) families have served and led primarily through the ministry of Kigali International Community School. Take a few minutes and see some of the highlights below. 
Christ’s Church Rwanda
Each week at CCR brings renewal as worshipers gather to honor God and bless each other. The CCR staff, led by ROC team members Brett Shreck and Rusty Linden, is made up of six servant hearted people eager to see new souls added to the body of believers. 2016 was highlighted though the commitment of over 40 who made that commitment to Christ and were baptized as witnessed in scripture for us.
Other highlights came in the third annual Global Leadership Summit hosted by CCR as well the annual Christmas Celebration. Keli Shreck continues to lead the growing Children’s Ministry while Onawa Linden leads the thriving Body & Soul ministry.  CCR continues to provide such that many students are able to attend secondary school. Your prayers for CCR’s staff and ministries are appreciated as all seek to serve the Lord and save the lost. See more detail below:
GLS 2015
In its third year as host to Global Leadership Summit – Rwanda, CCR has found itself as home to the premier leadership conference in Rwanda. Through this conference that focuses on Christian leadership principles many lives are being touched and changed. Each leader that is changed means potential followers of that leader likewise being changed.
One blessing of this conference is that it is right next door to KICS which allowed nearly 40 staff and students to participate in this incredible opportunity that had its largest year thus far with over 400 participants.
Community Group Ministry
One of the things that is key to a church’s ability to grow in depth is its attention to one another and study of the word. Rusty Linden has been leading this ministry and developing leaders toward Christ through community. This concept is new to many in Rwanda and challenging with a membership of extremely busy people. 1-in-5 CCR members are participating in a Community Group. Pray for this ministry that more will come to benefit from the community of believers.
Children’s Ministry
The CCR Children’s Ministries has been the area of greatest growth at CCR and possibly also the greatest challenge in that it is quit difficult to maintain enough people to serve these seeking children. Keli Shreck has done a marvelous job for many years and is beginning to see the fruits of her and her team’s labor as many have turned their lives to Christ in spite of the difficult circumstances of their lives. A large number who participate in the ministry are coming alone to grow and learn under Keli’s leading.
Additionally in 2015 a new element of service to the children began as some members from one CCR Community Group began meeting with these children prior to worship to help them grow in faith as well as things like how to behave and engage others. Keli and her team know that the future of the church starts right here and deserve our commitment to pray for each child as well as for the team serving the children week-in and week-out.
Body & Soul
Body and Soul is a global ministry with its own leadership structure and mission. CCR plays host to Body and Soul classes in Rwanda that touches the lives of people from all faiths and no faith at all.  In 2014-15 Onawa Linden trained several new leaders and grew this ministry. Throughout the week there are several classes serving many participants who exercise to Christian music and begin each gathering in prayer lead by the Christian facilitators. Pray for those touched by this ministry that all may accept and love Jesus they way its leaders do.
Kigali International Community School
KICS is home to 222 students from 20 nationalities and 45 professional staff from seven nationalities. This community of staff and students constitutes the best school in Rwanda according to national officials. We are proud to provide the standards of US and international accreditation through the Association of Christian Schools International and Middle States Association. More importantly we are proud to provide Christian education as we work to impact the world for Christ by preparing servant leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service above self, and a lifestyle of participation over apathy.
KICS is in its ninth year and will celebrate its 10th anniversary in September 2016. We look forward to celebrating this milestone as we look to KICS future.
Gifts for Growth
During 2015, under the leadership of KICS Board Chairman and ROC Executive Director Bryan Hixson, KICS held its first development (fundraising) effort. This effort took place in the context of two initiatives. The first was Walk4Growth. ROC board members put forward the first $23,000 as a matching gift that resulted in a campaign of nearly $52,000. These gifts were applied to classroom technology (smart board technology and document cameras in all classrooms), primary reading sets, and classroom supplies for all grade levels.
The second initiative was launched by another $15,000 matching gift of a ROC Partners board member and resulted in a total of $25,000 that was applied to the purchase of a much needed van for the school.
KICS is proud to offer a quality Christian education with growing rigor that is propelling our students to the universities of their choice. This year KICS began its path toward providing more on-site AP courses while also addressing the needs of more students with developmental or language challenges in a Learning Support program launched by Kerry Bryan in 2014. As KICS matures it has also found itself with more and more students excelling and pushing our status among like institutions to high levels. Through recognized standardized testing we’ve seen our students ranking among some of the best nationally (US).
KICS provides K-12 education where Douglas Bryan (G3) and Dr. Holly Hixson (HS) of ROC Partners spend their time. Douglas joined the KICS team in 2009 and stands as one of the three longest tenured employees with KICS. Holly joined the KICS team in 2007 and serves as its most senior employee. Teacher retention internationally is a substantial challenge so KICS is fortunate to have Douglas and Holly among its faculty. Holly teaches HS sciences including: Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Critical Thinking and Advanced Science Topics.
On October 15 ROC Partners welcomed its youngest team member. Douglas and Kerry became the proud parents of little Elias. 
Growth & Development
KICS recently announced Phase I and II of a developing growth plan. Phase I will see the addition of a PK program and a second KG starting in August 2016. This growth will require additional classrooms. Phase II will result in three additional classrooms constructed on its current campus. God has blessed KICS such that we will be able to do Phase II with internal resources. Phase II will give KICS a 3-year window before additional facilities are required.
Please be in prayer with us as we seek God’s provision for land and finances to accomplish a future that only He can truly see and know. As the maker of the “cattle on a thousand hills” and the hills those cattle graze, we are confident that in this “land of a thousand hills” God will provide. If God has blessed you such that you can partner with ROC please use the button below to take that step. Your gifts will make a differece to our families and to those we serve. 
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