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Hello friends 👋

For the last few days we've been circling the globe talking to writers embarking on our bootcamp. From Japan, Australia, Russia, Europe, here in the UK and across the pond to the east and west coasts of the USA, it’s been our most international program ever. 
In our heads we're glamorous jet setters, sashaying down escalators with expensive luggage and quaffing bubbly in first class. The reality of our home office existence is a tad different. But still, we can dream - and so can you. If you want your imagination to soar whilst you're stuck at home, try out one of our expert visualisation exercises. 
Over the years we have used these with coaching clients and they really help get clarity on writing goals and intentions. Design guru Debbie Millman outlines a 10-year plan for a remarkable you, Julia Cameron gets creative with images from her crowd-pleasing Artist's Way task, visual skills trainer Cara Holland draws success, and author Nir Eyal encourages you to try a new identity to empower decision making.

Read the bog: Say it, write it, draw it: 8 tried and tested visualising exercises for writers.

Keep dreaming ❤️

Bec and Chris

🙃 What you think is not what they think 

How you perceive the world, what you think others think of you, how you feel judged, how good you believe you are compared to others. We can can write about how subjective this all is but sometimes, only a cartoon will do.

Huge thanks to Nicole Zhu (aka nicoledonut) and her ace newsletter full of thoughts, prompts and resources including brilliant memes and tiktoks. After getting back into fanfiction she reblogged Stuffman’s "Holy shit! Two cakes!" cartoon which will hit home for many writers.

⏱️ Fall into spring with a sprint 

Did you know that when you join our writing sprint club you can take a 7-day sprint every month for free? There's no limit to how many sprints you can take. We post live in the sprint community every day and we're there to answer questions, give out writing pep talks and help if you get stuck. 

Reflect on your progress and see your writing practice grow month by month. We have three writing sprints you can join for March, April and May (February's our month off!). Sign up here

📈 The writers' playbook: grit or quit?

Perseverance leads to many benefits but not when it tips into stubbornness. Sometimes we feel we've invested so much into a particular activity it would be silly to not give it more time, or more energy or in some cases, more money. This is called the sunk cost fallacy, the idea that we stick with something rather than quit on it because of a sense of waste. 

When you perseverate (how have I lived so long and not known about this word?) you persevere with something in what researchers call a 'maladaptive' way - in a way that can cause you long-term harm. How can you tell if your perseverance is positive or pig-headed perseveration? You flip a virtual coin and visualise two alternatives that's how: 

🤔Think six months ahead, now flip your virtual coin. Imagine the thing you're thinking of quitting has disappeared entirely from your life. How do you feel?

🤗Feel a deep sense of relief and happiness and that lots of other options have opened up? Then perhaps quitting might be the answer.

😬Feel uneasy and want to flip the coin again until you get the 'right' answer? That tells you something too....

Thanks to the ever excellent No Stupid Questions podcast for inspiration. 

“At any given point in time there’s what you’re doing and there’s everything else that you’re not doing because you’re doing what you’re doing. The trick is to figure out whether there is a road not taken that’s just better that the one you're on.

"The reasons why there are all these aphorisms for not giving up and the reason why much of my research has been about staying the course is because sometimes, the track that you want to switch to is appealing not because it is objectively better but rather because it’s easier in the short run.”

- Angela Duckworth, research psychologist and author of Grit

👌 Practice makes perfect: what we're reading... 

Seth Godin’s The Practice is a pep talk for creative action. While there is no formula for success, there is a practice that all successful creatives engage in. Based on his breakthrough workshop and packed full of advice in Godin’s own inimitable style, it’s a rallying call to start and keep going. 
As Godin says: "Identity fuels action, and action creates habits, and habits are a part of practice, and a practice is the single best way to get to where you seek to go."

Quote: "The greatest enemy of writing isn't your own lack of talent or lack of industry it's being interrupted by other people." - Joyce Carol Oates

😍 3 things we love 

#1. Level up 2021: The Call Your Girlfriend podcast kicked off the year with some great advice on how to write daily, saying no, and developing a personal operating system. Listen here. 

#2. ...and relax: A wise scientist writes: 'Excellent work, particularly of the creative and innovative kind, needs rest and relaxation just as much as it requires time actively engaged in work'. Read the blog. 

#3. Virtual Victorians: Want to write from Charles Dickens' writing desk? Digital minimalist Cal Newport reported on a trend for immersive virtual writing rooms. Read the blog.

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