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We're appalling at estimating how we spend our time. Studies show we emphasize the hustle and downplay the joy.

Yet long-term trends don't help with the extra responsibilities generated by the pandemic. Rather than get frustrated, accept what time is available for writing. It all starts by noticing how you currently spend your time.

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📝 Writing playbook: traffic light scheduling

We've been doing a review of the tip sheets and exercises we give out as part of our coaching and found one we give out more than any other. So we thought we'd share it with you too. 

Neuroscience tells us that your brain likes simplicity and clarity. That's why some of us feel unsettled by clutter and an untidy desk. Our traffic light method of scheduling is a way to make the types of time you have at your disposal crystal clear to you by using colour. It's a simple tactic but a powerful one - then again, the best ones often are. 

🚦 Open your diary or calendar, or draw your schedule on paper or Excel. Look at the next few days - don't gaze too far into the future. 

🚦 Step one: identify all the times in your day that you definitely can't do any writing - when you have appointments, meetings, are asleep, or with family. Colour these red. Forget about these times - you'll never be able to write in them. 

🚦 Step two: look for times when you might be able to do something. Colour these yellow. Don't expect these times to be perfect. You may have interruptions, or be feeling tired - but you might be able to do something that pushes your writing forward. 

🚦 Step 3: now look for the times where you definitely can write. Colour these green and most importantly, guard them with your life. Book them out as you would an important meeting or event. 

Download our handy tip sheet if this would help. 

📚 What we're reading... 

Writing this week's blog post got us to revisit the classic time management book by Laura Vanderkam, 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think.

While I struggle with some of her optimism at the moment (waves to the pandemic) the book is packed full of practical advice and tips. Like this...

Vankerdam suggests creating a list of ‘things that make you happy’ – one for 30 minute activities and one for activities that take 10 minutes or less. You can use this approach to make the most of your 'yellow' times (see above). Have a list of quick and/or fun writing tasks that you can go to when you have some time in your schedule.

😍 3 things we love 

#1. Tree hugger? Relax your writing brain by listening to forests and their wildlife as you type. Tune in to Thanks to Aminatou Sow for sharing a moment of Zen. 

#2. Have a big bookish end to your week: Listen to 30 inspiring authors and lift your lockdown spirits with the return of the excellent Big Book Weekend - free on the BBC 20-21 March.  

#3. The best of the best: Hattie Crisell's excellent On Writing podcast is back with a new series. Read her round up of the best writing advice.

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