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"Peace of Mind" TPLO Package

When comparing TPLO prices, the estimate provided to owners by referral surgeons may not be the whole picture. Costs for follow-up appointments, recheck radiography and the possibilities of plate removal or revision surgery are seldom discussed in the hope that they will not be required. All inclusive TPLO pricing at Southpaws Specialty Surgery for AnimalsAs a result, when post-operative costs do occur these can come as a shock to clients. At Southpaws Moorabbin, we are launching a new TPLO Peace of Mind Package which includes all charges related to the management of cruciate disease in the affected leg including resolution of complications should they occur. Owners can rest assured that they will not have any further expenses associated with cruciate disease in the affected leg.

What’s included:

  • Consultation at Camberwell or Moorabbin
  • Preoperative digital radiographs
  • Arthroscopic exploration of the joint (which is associated with a more rapid recovery than an open arthrotomy)
  • TPLO surgery and implants
  • Postoperative digital radiographs
  • Postoperative analgesia
  • Hospitalisation with vets and nurses on-site for 24 hours (when most patients are discharged)
  • Discharge medications and any other medications required
  • Management of any surgical complications should they arise including infection, meniscal injury, plate removal, etc. These are uncommon, but will be managed at no extra charge if they occur
  • All postoperative rechecks and radiographs (rechecks are generally performed by our interns unless there are complications, which will be managed by the primary surgeon if possible)

What’s not included: 

  • Physiotherapy
  • Charges incurred at places other than Southpaws
  • Preoperative or postoperative blood work
  • Issues not related to the cruciate disease on the affected leg
  • Cruciate disease in the contralateral leg

Price list: (inc. GST)

  • <15 kg      - $4300
  • 15-30 kg   - $4450
  • 30-45 kg   - $4550
  • 45-60 kg   - $4700
To find out more about our Peace of Mind TPLO package please contact us by any of the usual means.

If you would like to print out a copy of this flyer for your clients please click on this link for a PDF copy.

Register Now for our Next Free Lecture at the Rivoli Theatre Wednesday July 15th

Reservations for our next free lecture for veterinarians are filling fast. We are going back to the Rivoli Theatre on Wednesday July the 15th where Charles and James will present "Decision Making in Hindlimb Lameness". Charles and James will discuss all aspects of hindlimb lameness including lumbosacral disease, hip dysplasia, stifle disease, neoplasia and many others. After completing this lecture, participants should feel comfortable assessing dogs with hindlimb lameness, and recommending 
and performing further diagnostic testing. You will gain insight into the surgical and medical procedures available to manage these conditions. Participants who are advanced in surgery will also get valuable practical advice on the performance of many surgical procedures. Canapes and drinks will be catered at our Camberwell Consulting Suites, Shop 4, 555 Riversdale Road, Camberwell from 7:00 PM with plenty of parking opposite and a short walk down to the theatre for the lecture commencing at 7:35 pm. Seats are limited (by the size of the theatre) so registrations are essential. To register for this free event, please click on this link and we hope to see you there. Popcorn will of course be supplied.
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