May 2016
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There is no need to introduce you to evaporative unit once again. Just to remind you it is on summer sale and demand is high. We are frequently being asked same questions about its parameters and functioning. Although it is very simple. With one unit you can effectively and at low cost cool down the area of 200 - 250 m2. In order to cool down the temperature 35°C on the inlet to 25°C on the outlet 600 W of electric energy was used and the effect was instant basically. Using air conditioning for cooling similar premises would cost you approximately ten times more energy input. Remote controller functions as thermostat and it gives the user comfort of operating the fan on 12 different levels of speed with various programs and modes including ventilation without cooling that is very useful in spring or autumn. Who knows how hot this summer will be? In 2015 the highest number of tropical days was recorded in Slovakia. Cooling freon free should be the top factor when deciding for ADRIAN-AIR® EV18. Help yourself beat the heat and help our planet in the same time, too!
Check our new video and you will easily understand how this cheap and effective cooling works.
From May 17th until May 20th 2016 company ADRIAN GROUP s.r.o. participated on AQUA-THERM KIEV exhibition. We introduced our new range of products ready for the upcoming season. The highlight of the exposition was definitely our new non-gas heating solution represented by ADRIAN-AIR® MID BIO a ECO. Burning pellets, wood or agricultural products and waste is for sure the perfect solution for all customers that do not have gas connection or do not want to have one for whatever reason. We would like to thank all visitors coming to our stand and creating perfect atmosphere. We are looking forward to our future cooperation.
May 20th 2016 company ADRIAN GROUP s.r.o. attended meeting with Deputy Major of Shenyang, China together with Mr. Nosko, major of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia and Mr. Hiadlovský, principal of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. The event on the highest possible level was organized by organization called Chinese dream. Environmental policies and energy efficiency is our common goal. Subject to all discussions was the practical role of our company in ongoing reconstructions of energy systems in the region.
May 20th 2016 company ADRIAN GROUP s.r.o. attended meeting of Slovak businesses and Minister of economy and development of Russian federation A. V. Ulyakaev. This event was organized by Minister of economy of Slovak republic and Slovak agency of investments and trade.  
Company ADRIAN GROUP s.r.o. acted quickly after the new norm of ISO 9001:2016 was introduced to Slovak normative system in February 2016. In May two of our colleagues were trained and awarded Internal auditor certificate to begin the process of transformation of our quality system management. Since quality has always been our top priority there is no doubt we will do our best to ensure all of our partners that this focus will prevail.
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