October 2015
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Besides regular customers we watch closely applications of new technologies in agro industry as well. Already for couple of years our offer includes radiant and hot air heaters for heating in these specific premises. What we needed was a cheaper alternative with comparable quality parameters. Therefore we are delighted to introduce you to new concept of ADRIAN-AIR® AGRO. New generation of hot air agro units comes as a result of long term development and testing to bring long lasting solution meeting unique customer demands in agricultural business. Read more

Did you know you can benefit from unique features of our radiant heaters even when installed in the exterior? Talking about sports or simply just enjoying your coffee, these are the things many of us enjoy doing outdoors regardless the temperature and time of the year. Did you wonder why football fans in for example Great Britain, Germany or France watch the match live at the stadium cheering anxiously only in shirts even in winter time? Is it their sport spirit that keeps them warm? Look how we can provide exclusive temperature comfort with our ADRIAN-RAD® PL at sport stands, too. Whether you need to heat a large stadium or just a local tribune, the entire place or just its part or truly just VIP zone, reward your fans for their never dying support even in cold weather. Golf fans do not have to necessarily put their equipment away just because the temperature outside has dropped. Heat your training centre or driving range with ADRIAN-RAD® PL AS and prolong the season of your resort. Even those who prefer a cup of coffee or tea do not have to be freezing sitting outside. Look at the option you get with ADRIAN-RAD® PH. Every extra day you can make your premises available for their use is an extra income and profit. All of these solutions have two major things in common. Low investment and operation costs. Check out more information here or send us your inquiry and we will offer you the right solution.


Did you know ADRIAN GROUP offers insulated reflectors for its dark gas infrared heaters? It is a standard accessory suitable for special situations where for example there is a need for extra enforcement of radiant part of delivered energy or where mandatory distances between the heater and surrounding surfaces or flammable materials cannot be respected. Watch short instruction video how to mount insulated reflector onto ADRIAN-RAD® AA 50. Shall you have a customer who needs such solution click here. In the case you have a suggestion about next video, do not hesitate to contact us


Beginning of October 2015 partners from SIA BALTIK TECHGROUP, Riga, Latvia, visited ADRIAN GROUP. Our technicians prepared for them technical training to learn more and practice their skills in our premises on real products. Besides they had much closer look at our new products. Shall you be interested to do such training with us here, do not hesitate and contact us here.


13th of October 2015 company ADRIAN GROUP took part in Exporter’s Club. The event is organised by EXIMBANKA SR. Main issues discussed were available tools for guarantees and financing in export. For more information click here.


13th of October 2015 company ADRIAN GROUP took part on presentation Vladimir Oblast from Russian federation. The event was organised by SARIO and more information is available here.

From 14th to 16th of October 2015 Banska Bystrica’s regional office of Slovak chamber of commerce and industry visited its partner in Milano, Italy. Together with ADRIAN GROUP and other members of the board, besides the official program, they all visited the fairground of EXPO MILANO 2015, mainly exposition of Slovak republic.
In October 2015 representatives of ADRIAN GROUP visited Uzbekistan for the first time. Our local partners welcomed us in friendly fashion. Besides busy schedule and meetings on the highest possible level organised by our partners we met representatives of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tashkent and visited Embassy of Slovak republic in Uzbekistan.  
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