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Dear Partners,
Givat Haviva's theory of change, which seeks to establish a shared society in Israel, is holistic in nature.  It is based on the need to act simultaneously for the equality of Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel and for the partnership between Jewish and Arab neighbors. To work in parallel on the "roots" and on the "treetops" - that is, to engage in educating the young generation for the sake of coexistence and equality, education that will ensure a different and better future, while at the same time influencing the present, here and now, by working with government ministries and The Roadmap for a Shared Society.
In this newsletter, you can see how this happens in the field. You will see the connection with the Director General of the Ministry of Education and the Ambassador of Mexico; a visit to the Knesset by members of the Bara'em High Tech program, which creates a connection between education, equality and public influence; The shared society education programs working at full steam; the partnership created between neighbors through the "Partnership between Communities" program and the Collaborative Art Center that connects hearts through art. All this happens on a campus that hosts hundreds of Arab and Jewish youth every day in a common space.
This is our way and I am proud to present you with the fruits of the last month.
Yaniv Sagee, Executive Director
Givat Haviva

Partnership with reservations
Ossim Seder (Making Order) – Current Events program on TV - 01/03/2018
A survey shows that most Jews and Arabs in Israel support a shared society, but the Jews are not really willing to pay the price. Givat Haviva Executive Director Yaniv Sagee and journalist Samah Salayama on the gap between expectations and reality.To view…
Two Paradigms for the Israeli Left
By Sicha Mekomit (Local Call) – Online News Magazine –01/02/2018
A survey conducted at Givat Haviva through the Midgam Institute (Manu Geva and Mina Tzemach) showed that 66 percent of the country's citizens support the agenda of a shared Jewish-Arab society. Read more...
Bara'em High Tech program in the Knesset | Knesset Channel,01/10/ 2018
Lynn al-Salah, 15 years old, a 10th-grade student from Fureidis, a second-year student at the Bara'em Hi-Tech program in Givat Haviva, studying towards a bachelor's degree in computer science from the Netanya College. Lynn presents the subject of integrating Arabs into the high-tech sector at a meeting of the Knesset Finance Committee. To view…
A revolution: an 80% jump in the number of Arab students in academia | The Marker – 01/24/2018
Head of Education at Givat Haviva, Samar Athamna, reported: "There are more Arab students studying for a master's and doctoral degrees because of the problem of acceptance into the labor market."
Interview with Mohammad Darawshe 
If We Will – blog – 24 January 2018
In the interview, I ask Mohammed how he came to be an activist for coexistence, how he finds the clash between his own identities, whether he feels that he and the Arab public in Israel are taking part in the Palestinian struggle for freedom and rights.
The Givat ​​Haviva high-tech program offers students an academic framework for a bachelor's degree in computer science and is one of the most successful programs in the country. On Tuesday, January 9, 2018, the students of the program were invited to a meeting of the Finance Committee on the subject of "High-Tech Entrepreneurship in Arab Society", initiated by MK Dr. Ahmad Tibi. Read more...
On January 30, the second conference of the teachers of the program Yihiye Beseder (It Will Be All Right) was held with the participation of 38 program teachers. The conference was honored by the visit of Director-General of the Ministry of Education, Shmuel Abuav, who spoke with the teachers and heard about their experiences in the schools in which they teach. The conference opened with a lecture by Ashraf Gabor on the theme: Making the academy accessible to students in Arab society. read more...
With the participation of ministers, Knesset members, mayors, civil society activists and leaders from Israel and around the world.
In the Roadmap project, launched in 2016, Arab and Jewish experts, representing the diversity in Israeli society, formulated a work plan to promote a shared society in Israel. Over the past year, their recommendations were updated based on comments from the general public, and were presented to the Knesset in December 2017.
The purpose of this year's conference is to lead practical steps to advance the implementation of the roadmap recommendations for the creation of a shared society, in collaboration with other organizations in national and local government, civil society, academia and education.
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This month we celebrate Tu BiShvat, the holiday of trees!  We are in the third month of the school year, grateful for the arrival of winter, and the processes in our courses and educational programs are running deep. Some of the projects are already sprouting and two are almost complete.  Here is a little taste, with our best wishes for a month of growth for projects, ideas, beautiful artwork and much good in the world,
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