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September 01, 2021

Last month I wrote about my journey as a fiction author and how writing for some of us is cycle.  This may not have the constant fluidity that we have experienced at times, but eventually, the earnest author will return to their writing, to write anew.  I have emphasized that writing is not easy.  It still isn't.  Yet if you possess the passion, the wherewithal and the talent, you will see that writing is really a part of you.  It flows from your mind to the tips of your fingers.  Writing permeates barriers of creativity that we have set before ourselves.  You the writer will discover that writing as much as any other art requires practice, concentration and to some extent allowing oneself to be free.  Free to make mistakes such as plot holes.  Free to not adhere to self-imposed deadlines, pages or word counts.  Free to learn from your writing and marketing mistakes.  Overall, being a literary artists or an artist of any other sort, allows you to be free to learn about what you are capable of, your current limitations.  You the writer are your own inspiration.  Your mind is able.  Only you the writer can motivate yourself to keep writing.  The pen can only be in your hand.  Those key strokes can only be at your fingertips.  So you may have completed a novel or two before now what?  Keep writing.

Even experienced writers have self-doubt.  Seasoned authors must challenge themselves, not just to produce, but to create something hopefully that they have never written before or even perhaps never seen before in the literary world.  To achieve a matter of greatness, struggle is a natural factor.  This is just no in writing but when you attempt to write whatever external of you will certainly disrupt your goal.  Other people's discouragement, mockery and even ill-fated attempts to sabotage you.  Those who pretended to support you except when they see you haven't earned enough money in their eyes to be taken seriously or for them to display their true intentions of taking advantage of your yet-to-be realized successes.  Just remind yourself what you are writing.  Remember that if you have written a novel, a book manuscript or a chapter before, you can do it all over again.  Look to your previous accomplishments as inspiration to pen more books, not as the finality of what you are able to write.

So what have I been up to?  I have begun writing my 21st book.  Like I said at the beginning, it is not easy.  Yet, it will be completed.  Now what about yours?

Murder By Dissent is the second of two mystery/detective romance novels I have written and published.  My next book will also be of the same genre.  To keep the momentum and mystery of what will be my third mystery novel, I'd thought I share an excerpt of Murder By Dissent:

“We will see,” he said.  He had already attached his arm to hers before she was even a couple of feet away.  Their bath may have been complete, but neither of them was to fall asleep soon.  Jacqueline slipped on her long silk gown which accentuated her natural shape.  She ventured to her side of the bed when William wrapped his hand around her wrist.  When she saw that look in her husband's eyes, she knew what was to happen next.  So strong and tall, but Jacqueline was acquainted with the tenderness which lied within.  He walked on his knees atop their bed, waiting for his wife to be nearer to him.  As soon as they faced one another, her husband began to lean forward.  Jacqueline quickly laid against the plush bedding.  William was gentle with his wife.  His kindness was not feigned.  What he saw in her was all that he had ever wished for—but to know a sincere adulation was only a blessing he would never be remiss to acknowledge.  Jacqueline looked into his eyes, examining what they would call upon her to do next to fulfill her duty to her husband.  She slid under the blanket.  He joined her.  William swiped a few of his fingers from his right hand over the side of her face.  Jacqueline turned towards his hand. It called for her to adhere to his quiet request.  Yet William wished to gaze into his wife's eyes.  He needed to see all of her and she was right there, waiting to grant him his every wish.  With his right hand, her husband reached below her waist and held onto her hip.  Before she could utter a word, William's mouth attached to hers.  There they laid, husband and wife, taking in all of which they were to have with one another.  His brawn naturally overtook her.  Her gentle hold of him entranced her husband.  William brushed his left thumb against her leg.  Jacqueline curled her toes as she wrapped herself around him.  William took what belonged to him, what he needed with every caress and each motion.  His wife reached in silent pleas as he granted what was her due.  William began to kiss her along the right side of her face until he reached her neck.  His right hand was no longer on her cheek.  He pressed it against the bed to her left.  Jacqueline quickly tried to find his face.  William would yet look towards her until he heard her whisper, “William...”  Her voice was unintentionally sultry to his ears.  Her husband needed to hear her speak his name again.  Jacqueline witnessed the seriousness in his eyes.  She angled her head until she was able to kiss his ear.  This time she spoke his name even softer.  “William...”  He almost lost control.  She was breathing in his ear.  Her steady breaths even sounded as benevolent requests for her William to grant her more of her right—and that he wholeheartedly did.  She clenched her toes and dug her fingers into her husband's shoulders.  He scooted his left hand towards her head and above.  She could barely move now.  William had her set in the place just as he needed. 
     The ambiguity of the mass of clouds began to break from one another.  Each time Jacqueline winced, there appeared another fissure.  In each moment William moaned, the billowy portions separated even further.  They could see the horizon become clearer.  They still had a few moments of quiet sensuality to explore.  As they passed through, the clouds disappeared, paying obeisance to the brightness of the sun which shined upon these two destined lovers.  William fell completely onto Jacqueline as she tried to catch her breath.  When he looked down to see her face, he encountered a welcoming smile.  He returned the gesture as they both gazed into each other's eyes, hoping that the other would not move away too soon.
      William dominated Jacqueline.  He hovered over his wife as she fixated her eyes on him.  She placed her hands on either side of his torso with the blankets still covering them both.  His wife slid her hands towards the upper center of his back and gently pressed her fingers.  “I need for you to return,” she whispered.  William quickly lowered himself against her body.  Jacqueline needed to hold onto him as much as William needed to see her secure.  He then pecked her a couple of times on her cheek.  His stubble tickled, which made her smile even more.  Still, she would not move her arms from their resting place—with him.  She settled her head against his shoulder.  As they finally adjusted their bodies to prepare for sleep, his wife turned towards him with her head held up by her right hand. William pulled her closer to him by holding onto the side of her waist.  Jacqueline then slid her index finger and thumb around the contours of William's ear.  He stared at her as if she was the only object in the bedroom.  Slowly, his wife glided her hand towards the center of his chest.  It was warm.  She laid the palm side of
her hand flushed against it.  Her husband's heartbeat was steady.
The Family Cross (Circle Seven #1)
by Gabrielle Ash (2021)

On August 12, 2021, I published my book review of  The Family Cross.  This novel is a paranormal urban fantasy book with a hint of contemporary romance.  The main character, a high ranking executive in the family's wealthy enterprise is stalked by various individuals.  She soon discovers that the world of New York City is not what it seems.  It is filled with other creatures and demons and most take the form of human.  Someone who is threatened by her talent has put a contract on her life.  She relies on a man she happens to meet at a coffee shop who becomes her bodyguard, "street" mentor and eventually her love interest.  Multiple murders take place throughout the novel.  What the author is able to achieve is the emotion between family members, especially when they learn that betrayal originated from within their family.  Matilda's life will never be the same.  She and Samson rely on each other, not just as lovers and confidant, but also for their lives.  My full review can be found on LibraryThing here.

Blood Sugar
by Kat Turner

On August 09, 2021, I published my review of Blood Sugar.  This is a paranormal romance where suspense and a bit of fantasy (monsters/hybrids) are integral to the plot.  The protagonist, Evelyn (Eve) is a mortician who has the ability to not only speak to ghosts but to assist the wayward souls obtain peace by guiding them to the "other side".  Years ago she made a mistake with one ghost and is haunted by the girl ever since.  One night she is confronted by a stranger.  He is actually a popular artist who believes he exists between the living and dead.  Jonnie seeks her help to stabilize him so that he does not rely on 'treatments' to stay alive and healthy.  Eve initially refuses as she only deals with the dead.  Eventually she decides to help him.  Though Jonnie the artist has a life filled with friends, mostly his band mates, he finds his solace with Eve.  He is initially to move forward with their relationship because he believes that his transformed self would hurt her.  Yet Eve isn't afraid.  She confesses to him that she has her own gifts and never fit within her family or pretty much elsewhere.  These two beautiful ones realize that their circumstances, what they wish they did not possess, were the very reason how their relationship came to be.

Jonnie and Eve are not able to get him the help he needs on his own.  This is where a friendly witch enters the story.

As this is a contemporary romance novel as well, the author incorporates themes often associated with Hollywood and the powerful elite, using terms such as the "Illuminati" and "conspiracy".  Sometimes art really does imitate life.

My full book review of Blood Sugar by Kat Turner can be found on LibraryThing by clicking here.

Embracing Darkness Key Series: 
Short Story 1.5
by Tina Moss

Embracing Darkness is a short story/novella of paranormal romance.  Zoey has nightmares and is haunted by demons in New York City.  She does not understand why she is being targeted.  Zoey encounters a fallen angel who takes her to the Hamptons.  They acquaintance morphs into an intense romance.  The area near the shores is a sacred garrison which will protect them both.  From here they will decide how they will fight and live together as they are now both being hunted.  My full review can be found on LibraryThing by clicking here .

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