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The Ultimate Tram Crawl (Updated)

Catching the 86 tram home tonight? Make sure you make a stop at these places. 
Here are just a few of the specials that came past our desk this week. Look them up on our mobile view for added convenience. 

The G Bar (Richmond)
The Glenferrie Hotel
The Vic Bar (Abbotsford)
Big Mouth (St Kilda)
Windsor Castle (Windsor)
The Terminus (North Fitzroy)


Asian Beer Cafe

With an astonishing amount of specials (the most on our entire site...and we list over 1000 venues), it's no wonder that the RMIT student crew have pretty much made it their second home. Also gets the after workers, especially on a Friday when the place is packed. I mean, who can argue with $5 pizzas and $8 jugs EVERY DAY!

It's getting serious now!

We are up to NUMBER 20 in our Top 50 pubs in Melbourne. Judging by some of the more passionate emails we are receiving, it seems we are starting to pick people's favourites.

See it here!


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