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"I can't afford to die; I'd lose a fortune."  George Burns

Our Visitations 

Our credit team have been busy travelling all over Australia to meet with brokers face to face, and are happy to attend your office for a brief meeting to discuss in detail our niche areas of lending. We want to ensure we maintain a quality broker/lender relationship and to have a full understanding of needs of brokers and the requirements of their clients .We know that the client/broker relationship is also critical, so finding a lender to suit your needs with quick response times and a open mind to specialised equipment or niche area lending is essential to any brokerage firm.

Growing Pains

SME's continue to identify cash flow shortages as the major hindrance to ongoing growth.  
Dealing with these cash shortages in critical growth stages or periods of change is paramount to the success of any business.
While there are a range of options out there for businesses to facilitate this growth including the Debtor Finance market which has grown significantly in recent years, this funding can be extremely expensive and highly risky in the event a business does not have a diverse debtor book. At Commercial Equity, we have a range of finance options that can be utilised to assist meet the growth demands of SME's across Australia.

see below for our funding options.

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Roof top cricket

We were recently approached by the Department of Premier and Cabinet to get involved in the Australia day celebrations within the office, We don't have a grass cricket pitch on hand, so they next best option was to use our roof top. Fortunately no sixes were hit and no balls or staff lost over the edges. 

Working capital 

Tight economic times generally result in an increase in debtor collection days resulting in the need to raise additional working capital.  Commercial Equity recognises that it is not always possible to raise working capital finance against freehold property and that businesses can have substantial latent equity in aged plant and equipment. We are prepared to consider loan proposals to release this equity with a range of finance options available, providing the flexibility to repay the debt raised over an extended period of time. A perfect example of this occurred recently when we were approached by a elderly couple looking to raise working capital to inject into the business against a 2004 Kenworth Prime Mover.
With the applicant having longevity in their business,consistent trading and sound bank account conduct we were able to assist.


 Fair Weather Financiers

We have all experienced instances where entire industries have experienced difficulties raising finance simply because the "Majors" have lost confidence with that industry. The most recent example is the mining and related industries. 
Commercial Equity recognises that there are sound businesses operating in even the most risky of industries.
We recently received a request to refinance residuals over a articulated dump truck and excavator which were hired out to mining related operators as the existing financier was no longer attracted to the operation.
Applicant was able to offer additional collateral security to meet our preferred 75% LVR which resulted in a quick approval.


Application Check list 

Fast track your application by providing the information on our check list below
  • Background information on the business and its shareholders or related entities, including defaults and arrears
  • Asset and Liabilities Statement's for Directors/Shareholders/Individuals
  • Tax portals showing balance and payment history covering a period of 3 months.
  • Financial Statements and Tax Returns Business and Personal. If up to date financials are not available then Management figures supported by the last 12 months’ Business Activity Statements (BAS).
  • 3 Months Bank statements on trading account
  • If a start up business budget projections and supporting commentary.
Whilst the above list is not exhaustive and we recognise that not all business are the same, provision of the above will greatly assist in achieving a quick response to your application.

Our mailing address is:

P.O Box 1474 Launceston Tasmania 7250

PH 1800 234 346