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" Beware of little expenses.A small leak will sink a great ship" 

                                               Benjamin Franklin

ATO Pressure

In our past newsletters we have noted the ATO putting pressure on small Australian business and the current trending threshold that continues to get lower. Reducing from $300,000 then $100,000 and now any tax debt upwards of $30,000 has become the focus of the ATO.

This has come at the worst time for SME's in mid winter when most business traditionally slow down. 
There is also a domino effect  that comes with the nature of wind ups and insolvencies effecting another 4-5 people associated with that business.

The government is yet to adopt the "Safe Harbour Provision" recommended by the Productivity Commission which outlines a company restructure process at the advice from qualified restructuring advisers.

In recent time CEG have been able to offer financial assistance to applicants to meet their ATO commitments.       

Northern Territory Boom

Recent reports suggest Northern Territory is experiencing some of its best economic growth it has seen for many years in both construction work and equipment investment.
Construction work is 171% above the decade average,ahead of Western Australia (up by 33%) while Queensland production is up by 10% on normal levels.

Northern Territory also remains well out in front for equipment investment ahead of the other states and territories  (67% above normal or decade average). New South Wales remains in second spot with equipment spending 10% above average. Comparing to South Australia equipment investment was up 6% on average/decade levels followed by Queensland up by 2%.       

Benefits of doing business with us.

Non bank lenders,private lenders, specialist lenders are all terms you would have heard before,but how do we, Commercial Equity Group stand out from the crowd?
Some lenders come and go,some lenders promise the world but are short on delivery.

Commercial Equity Group has been established and operating for over 35 years and continually looks for ways to grow and expand within a changing industry.
Over that period we have taken the time to form an alliance with many brokers and discover what their needs are.

We have reviewed brokerage paid,we have become more responsive to provide a timely answer when provided with the necessary information.
We will work with you and endeavor to be flexible when the need arises to provide the best possible outcome for you and your client. 

Recent Case Studies
Working Capital  $52,000

CEG was recently approached by a business partnership looking to complete a construction that would enable an expansion of their business operations.Rather than extending their property mortgage they requested funding against recently purchased vehicles to raise their capital needs. A quick and simple transactions for all concerned.

Tax Debt $120,000

CEG recently assisted a business affected by the downturn in mining over the last few years.The company encountered a tax debt due to inefficiencies in some of its accounting practices.Noting the business was  in a turnaround phase and showing an improvement in the interim financials, CEG was able to utilise the latent equity in a long list of equipment and  provide assistance.     

Truck and Trailer upgrade $280,000

A logging contractor was looking to upgrade an aging truck and trailer,no property backing but had been in the industry for many years with varied work sources. The applicant had been let down by a major creditor becoming insolvent and due to this issue had some defaults on his credit file but since paid.
He felt restricted and frustrated in his lending options as he had been declined by other financiers. CEG was able to see through the issue and confirm that the fundamentals of the business remained sound and provided financial assistance.    

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