June 2014
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The theme for this month's Just Resolve newsletter is estimating litigation costs. Litigation (including arbitration) can cost a pretty penny and lawyers are notorious for underestimating these costs. In fact, any error in estimating what the document review costs are alone can cause a budget to be wildly inaccurate because these costs can account for over 70% of your document production costs. There are many incomplete tools and rule-of-thumb methodologies for estimating how much litigation will cost, so to help lawyers get a realistic estimate of litigation costs, Just Resolve has developed a litigation calculator to help you come up with a realistic estimate of your potential total cost of litigation. Read on for more information for estimating litigation costs.

Litigation Calculator

Use the Just Resolve Total Cost of Litigation Calculator 

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"My customer and I were set to fight over a major warranty claim, but after talking with Just Resolve, we agreed that legal costs would swamp the stakes. When I proposed using Just Resolve's truth-focused process, the logjam broke and we reached a fair settlement."

Bruce Wood, former President/CEO of ePower Synergies, Inc., Cordova, Illinois



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Are Reliable Litigation Budgets
Like Unicorns – Mythical Creatures?

by Sonya L. Sigler

Lawyers have a very difficult time preparing and keeping to a realistic, meaningful litigation budget. Budgeting for litigation can be very complex. Budgets are often done up-front with very little information and a lot of assumptions. The likely impacts of ego, emotion, distraction, stress and other highly influential factors are seldom accounted for. There is a lot of information out there on how to build a budget for litigation and what steps to take to put together a budget. In fact, a quick Google search for litigation budgets brings up almost 6 million hits. Unfortunately, budgeting is not a core area of expertise for lawyers, litigation is. Read more...

Getting a Handle on Document Review Costs –
One Budgeting Approach

by Sonya L. Sigler

One of the best articles I have seen that explains how to estimate one of the most difficult aspects of a  litigation budget, the document review costs, is actually a series of articles by Ralph Losey, a well-known lawyer in the eDiscovery field. One of the runaway costs associated with litigation usually involves discovery and in particular, document review costs. Ralph explains his "bottom line driven" approach to controlling these runaway document review costs in a four part series, which you can read here:

My Basic Plan for Document Reviews:
The "Bottom Line Driven" Approach

Part One - This part details the costs of reviewing documents for responsiveness and privilege and focuses on proportionality.



How Much DOES Discovery Cost?

Litigation can be expensive and one of the largest expenses of any litigation is finding information. Of those dollars devoted to discovery and investigation costs, producing electronically stored information (ESI) alone can comprise 60% to 80% of those costs. Drilling down into those costs...

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