The Park Family's August 2016 Prayer Letter.

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ELEVEN salvation decisions through Winter VBS and a Funeral:  God is working, we are moving, things are happening. 
First day we started with 14 children.  On the last day we had over 50 and a special presentation for the kids and parents. 5 parents accepted Christ as their Savior!
A gentleman from our church donated 3 huge inflatables to finish our Winter VBS off with a bang.  Many neighbors came out once they heard the music and fun, we had a special improvised presentation as we realized almost everyone from the street had come out. 
Two of the kids with Pastor Zach in the background cheering them on during our daily games in the local plaza nearby.
     It's been a couple of months, and we have a lot to be thankful for as God is working.  In the past 2 weeks we have seen 12 salvation decisions in our church alone through Winter VBS and through a funeral service of a dear saint in Christ who went home to be with the Lord.   We have also helped with several USA church groups that have come down here on mission trips.  Two of those churches, East Brandywine Baptist Church and High Point Baptist Chapel were helping in construction here in a camp that is being built and another church, Calvary Baptist Church, helped put on the Winter VBS in our Chilean church.  Praise the Lord for their hard work and soft hearts toward the mission of God. It was a lot of driving, translating, and working, but we are happily tired as we see the results, physical and spiritual and pray that their investment grows spiritually over time!
We have several prayer requests of which we'd like to ask you all to pray.  Would you pray for these requests?
1.  That Chileans are won to Christ and discipled in Christ so that they become disciple-making Christians. 
2.  Pray for the future camp and church planting center legal process as we establish a non-profit legal presence here in Chile.   We are beginning these processes now.  Pray for wisdom as we approach key men to be a part of our board.   We have begun raising funds for the new camp ministry, praise the Lord! (Click here to donate)
3.  Pray for our housing change.  We will be moving this month into a different house for financial reasons.  We will be paying much less and will be much closer to our Chilean the church, only one block away.   Pray for safely as we will be in a fairly dangerous area.  We would like to buy a house in the future, so pray for bank approval in order to get a loan, which is difficult because I am a foreigner and pray for wisdom as we look for "camp land" which will dictate where to buy a house.
4.  Pray for a new car.  We have outgrown our current vehicle since we now have a baby, Kelcy, and a 2 year old boy, Tomas and because of ministry demands.  We need an upgrade in order to carry people and things.  We are looking to sell our current car and will buy a minivan.  Pray for the funds to be able to do this, that we get the maximum value for selling our current car and that the Lord provides the difference in price in order to buy a durable lasting vehicle for our family and ministry.   We must first fix our current car because of the accident I (Jared) was in way back in March, pray for God’s provision for the costs of repair (insurance rejected the claim because I am a foreigner) and the purchasing of the new minivan.
5.  Pray for Chilean teammates.   We have started meeting weekly with a group of Chilean young men as we plan on starting a church to a town 25 minutes south of Santiago.  Pray for a team to be formed and for a few young Chilean men to be raised into leadership of this church planting effort.  The town called Buin, does not have a Baptist church.  It is 78% Catholic and is has 7 Pentecostal churches.  
6.  Pray for our Chilean church.  Pray for a young couple to take over the pastoral leadership of this church.  The current Chilean pastor desires to plant other churches.  He is leading our church planting team, but must leave his church in good hands. 
7.  Pray for Camp. We planning our first camp season.  We are working on putting together a team and will rent a facility in order to have two weeks of camp this coming summer.  WE have also been approached to help with a camp program in Peru for a week, teaching program, so our upcoming summer is looking pretty full. Pray!
8.  Pray for more financial support to come in.  We are currently around 80% mostly because health care costs are soaring.  We are looking for individuals and churches to become part of our support team and we are taking measures to live more frugally, like moving to a new house and location.   Santiago is a very expensive place to live.

     As you can see there are many needs.  We continue to push on in ministry and we ask that you all continue to push on with us.   Over 90 souls have been added to our family in Christ during this last year, imagine how many souls would come to Christ once a camp is up and running!   As always our number one prayer request is that Chileans are won and grown in Christ and that they become disciple-making Christians. 
     Thank you, we miss you all, we are honored to have you has a part of our missionary financial team investing in lives here in Chile.  May God bless you richly in all that you do and use you where ever you find yourselves. 
6 people accepted Christ at the memorial service of a dear saint in Christ who was saved and baptized in our Chilean church.  A church started by a Chilean and run by Chileans with great spiritual results. 
Our Car.  The hood damaged.  Looking to fix it in order to buy a bigger vehicle as we have outgrown this one and ministry demands a bigger one. 
Pastor Zach drinking coffee in our house.  We had a wonderful week with this group from Calvary Baptist Church.  Praise the Lord for their effective and appropriate minstry working along side (and living along side) the Chilean church doing Winter VBS with us.
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