Beauty In Change

     If there is one word that I can use to describe these last several months, it would be the word "change".  We marvel as we see the Andes Mountains changing before our eyes and begin to be covered in snow as you can see in the picture of Santiago above, every day we marvel at the astounding beauty just outside our doors and the changes we see taking place.  In June of 2015 we changed countries, we changed houses a couple times since then, we have been through an ongoing changing process to get established in Chile as Jared now has his temporary permanent residency, Tomas is now a Chilean citizen (he has duel citizenship), and most recently we have added to our family a baby girl, Kelcy Joy.   Add to this
"change" the constant call of ministry which in all honesty is impossible to write about because of the amount of ministry we are involved in, but to give you an idea we hosted Pastor Tony Perez from Betania Baptist Church in Reading, Pa and enjoyed his ministry with us as the keynote speaker at our Chilean church's mission's conference, Jared worked for a week translating for a group visiting from the USA with Word of Life, we recently started a new young adults group in our Chilean church along with various counseling opportunities and future strategic planning, and those are just naming a few of the demands of ministry.   As winter comes we find ourselves changing our set of clothes from summer to winter clothes, all examples of change.  In just two weeks we will be flying home to take a week of classes at our mission agency and also to raise some much needed monthly support while we are home, a change of cultures for the short time we will be home.  We are even looking to change houses again in the next few months and host two more groups from the USA.  
     Do you know what the best part all this change has been?   We have seen changed lives.   The miracle of God restoring and redeeming lives has been the highlight of our days.  We have had the joy of seeing over 75 people believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, kids, teen and adults.  We are overwhelmed at the response we have seen to the Gospel here in Chile.  
     One thing that floods us with thankfulness is the thought that we would not have the ability to be a part of any of those coming to Christ if it wasn't for your faithful financial support.  Your prayers for us have been more than evident.  Your prayers for Naldy during her c-section and her continued recovery, your prayers for energy, for boldness, for God's wisdom, and your prayers for souls saved have all been glaringly obvious as we have seen each one answered.   Naldy is recovering much better than she did with her last c-section, our baby girl Kelcy is amazing, we have had energy when humanly speaking we have no idea where it comes from, we have been able to speak openly and boldly to various individuals, even in a huge public school and a Catholic orphanage and share about Christ, and we have seen many come to Christ.  Thank you for your part in our ministry.  You make up a vital part of our team.    Keep praying, the harvest is evident here in the "poorer" areas of Santiago, Chile.  Lives are being changed for Christ.

Translating at a Public School after a special drama presentation by Word of Life.  I personally led 9 kids to Christ and translated leading another 8 kids.  
Jared translating for a group from the USA that came to help Word of Life.  This picture is of one of the events during the week preaching to youth from several churches. Jared translated for all the games, prayers, and preaching for the Chileans to understand the American, and also for the American to understand the Chilean.  Brain-fried is an understatement after something like this.  We saw many decisions for Christ during the week!  
Jared, Naldy, Tomas & Kelcy Park (picture below).  Missionaries to Santiago, Chile.
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Prayer Requests:

1.  For souls to be saved, discipled and become reproducing.
2.  For energy, courage, patience, protection, wisdom and determination and growth of our faith in Christ.
3.  For our family as Naldy recovers from her c-section and seems to have pinched nerves, and as we adjust to having a new addition to the family.
4.  For our Camp & Church Planting Project as we look for land, build relationships, and plan for the future.  We are currently meeting weekly with some Chileans praying and strategizing about where to start a new church.  This first Church Plant will be the first fruit of the Church Planting center which will eventually be inside the camp.  Pray for formation of a Chilean team to come around us.  We have spoken in several churches focusing on serving them and establishing relationships with them and have several young Chileans interested in being part of the Vision of a Camp and Church Planting Center.
5.  For our current ministries as we head up a new Young Adults group here in our church and help with various other ministries and events.
6.  For our relationship with other organizations here in Chile.  Jared has been able to help Word of Life Chile a few times over the last couple of weeks in their various programs throughout the city and in their camp.
7.  For our search of a new place to live and wisdom of where to live and if to buy.   Housing has become very expensive here over the last couple of years but it seems foolish to "waste" money renting once we have the ability to buy.
8.  For our home church, for our mission agency, and for all the families and individuals that support us and pray for us, that as we join together in this great Mission of God, we grow our faith in Him more and more.  
9.  For our physical needs such as our monthly support to go up, for God's provision to fix our car as it needs body work, Jared was in a fender bender, tis life in the city. For God's provision of  a place to live that suits our needs of ministry and family.  
10.  For our upcoming travels back home as we minister in several churches and take classes at our mission.  For safety, effectiveness, learning, and for our young family of four as we travel.   
Kelcy Joy Park
Born March 10th, 2016
Pastor Tony Perez enjoying a cup of coffee in our house.  Thank for your ministry Pastor Tony!
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