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We are looking to have as many prayer warriors as we can praying for Chile to reach the world for Christ.
     You are a part of an exciting  project explosive spiritual results!  We were able to feed and house 80 people.  The staff stayed in camping tents and the campers stayed in one huge tent with hamacs set up for them divided into “cabins”, we had 45 campers most of whom came would never be able to afford to attend a camp.   Although we didn’t have enough funds come in, there were some very generous gestures from Chileans and Americans alike.  The owner of the property let us use the property for free and has offered for us to use his property for the foreseeable future as we get established and look for our own land!  It is a property of about 4 acres with a beautiful man-made pond set up for swimming and games.  We literally changed the look of the place during the 4 days of staff training that we called “Preparation of Hearts and Place”.  It turned out to be a beautiful spot very well put together with our survival theme “tried by everything.”    
    Your prayers were evident from the very beginning and we thank God for what He did.  What an emotional site to see over 40 campers arrive by bus all at the same time with their backpacks and gear, most of whom would not have been able to attend camp if it were not for the scholarships that you all provided.  With shouting and praise we are thrilled to tell you that 13 of the teens accepted Christ as their savior and 14 others made dedication decisions.  It really was a tremendous week.  The 37 volunteers did an amazing job coming together from 9 different churches to accomplish the great task of teen camp.  God provided and protected abundantly more than we could ask or think and continues to do so.  The speaker is a church planter in Peru and did a tremendous job communicating in a relevant way to the teens.  He grew up on the mission field so he was able to speak to the campers without struggling through spanish like most of us who learned spanish as adults.  We had several pastors visit to see the camp in action and many of them have committed to send campers next year, praise the Lord; this means we need to have more weeks! If all come who has verbally committed we will have over 250 campers next year.  The directors staff was more than competent and blew me away with their commitment and passion for the kids.  We are already planning for the winter and next summer seasons.  

     Thank you for being a partner in this ministry with us.  God is truly working and you are a part of it.  We are humbled and amazed.  Would you continue to pray for us and for the ministry of camp that it will help spurs on a national church planting movement?  You can see pictures at Tierra Alta Camp's facebook page HERE.  We are also working on a video coming soon!  
Below are several prayer requests for you help intercede for us.  

1.  For us as a family, for Tomas and Kelcy to grow up to become children of God.  For protection, energy, wisdom, unity, faith and provision.  

2.  For the 13 teens who accepted Christ, some of them come from very hard backgrounds and all of them were invited by a church.  Pray that they are discipled.  Our church alone saw 7 new teens accept Christ and are still attending youth group and church, praise the Lord!! 

3.  For the 14 teens to made spiritual decisions to better their lives for Christ.  I know some of them well.  Pray for their spiritual growth.  Maybe God will raise one or more of them up to be in full-time ministry?

4.  For the volunteers, that God would continue to use them and bless them.  Several desire to go into full-time ministry and go to study at a Bible Institute in order to be better prepared.  Would you pray for God's provision for them?  Pray also that God might lead a couple of them to work full-time with our camp ministry.  

5.  For the legal costs and processes so that the camp can become a non-profit organization here in Chile.  Jared is waiting on his permanent residency so we can start the process for Tierra Alta Camp to be a legit organization.  

6.  For our search for a house.  We are finding that housing is very expensive here in and around Santiago.  This is a challenge for us as we think ahead to schooling for the kids and future ministry.  

7.  For the search for land.  Once Tierra Alta Camp is established we will have the ability to purchase property in it's name.  We plan on "renting" properties for a couple years as we run camp and then hope to purchase a property.  We are already starting to save up for this enormous purchase and have a fund set up through our mission agency.  

8.  For the search for a minivan.  We are planning on trading our car in so we can buy a minivan as we have outgrown the car.  Cars are very expensive here and minivans even more expensive.  Pray for provision for this need.  

9.  For our Chilean Church.  It is growing as always. There is no more room.  They have saved up around $11,000 to use as a future down-payment but need triple that.  Pray specifically for the right place at the right time.  

10.  For this next week as we have an important meeting with the directors staff.  They will choose to stay on voluntarily another year or not.  I would love to be able to support two guys full-time, but since we are not established we cannot, meaning quite a sacrifice for those who choose to stay on voluntarily.  It was awesome seeing them work these last 6 months.  Three of the didn't take jobs just so they could work with me, one just retired and is looking for supplemental job.  God really provided by bring them to us.  We do need help.

11.   For us as we lead the young adults group at our church, its our second year doing it, the first ever young adults group at our church.   There are several thinking through missions to become full-time missionaries and a couple of them also striving be a part of Tierra Alta Camp full-time.  God is working!

Your Missionaries In Chile,
Jared, Naldy, Tomas & Kelcy Park
Below is a simplified list of praises, immediate needs and future needs to help you pray and be informed.


1.  For Kelcy, she turned 1 years old March 10th!  
2.  For The 13 teens who accepted Christ as their Savior
3.  For the 14 teens who made dedication decisions.
4.  For the land that was loaned to us for free.
5.  For the camp staff who did a great job
6.  For the director's staff who administered the camp with me.
7.  For the many pastors who were able to visit and see the camp in action.
8.  For the donations from all of you that provided for the games, the bus, and scholarships.  

Immediate Needs:

1.  We are lacking 25% support.
2.  For the provision of a house to buy.
3.  For the provision of a minivan to buy (trading in our car).
4.  For Jared's permanent residency to be accepted allowing us to get a bank account and a house loan.  We are waiting for an answer.
5.  For wisdom as we choose a place to live and future schooling for our children.
6.  For a desktop computer

Future Needs:

1.  For God to provide full-time help with the camp ministry
2.  For the 3 director's staff young men who desire to prepare for full-time ministry.
3.  For wisdom as we plan for the future of the ministry and connect with churches.
4.  For the discipleship of those who made decisions at camp that they become disciple making disciples.
5.  For a camp property and funds to buy and build.
6.  For the salvation of our children that they grow up to understand and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
7.  For funds and wisdom to begin the legal process so the camp becomes a non-profit organization here in Chile. (Jared must be a permanent resident first)
8.  For provision for next years summer camps as we will be planning to have 3 weeks instead of one.  See the needs for Summer 2018 HERE
Pastor David Gardnder preaching on our final night to 120 people.  God used him greatly.
Jared & Naldy Park with Tomas and Kelcy.
Guys Camper of the Week who came on scholarship.  He accepted Christ! Pictured here with the two head counselors both of whom want to go into full-time ministry.
Girls Camper of the Week and "Scholarship" Kid
Six teens who came on scholarships and attend our church since accepting Christ at camp with the speaker Pastor David Gardner. Results of your donations and prayers.
Rodrigo, our program director running "bubble soccer"
Jared speaking to the kids applying the first game to the gospel message and purpose of Tierra Alta Camp.
Our team leaders in a challenge before a night service.  Who is the giant balloon going to pop on?
A girls cabin during bible memorization
Our head counselor with several of the operations staff.  God used them greatly!
Almost the entire group of volunteers.
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