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Week Eight


There is no stopping the Chippenham Harrier Beginners!

Some weeks are better than others... most are great.. but this week, looking at everyone returning last night, leaders and beginners ... WOW. You lot have certainly been doing your homework.

Well done's to those beginners still coming each week to meet their goals and change their lives for the better. Don't worry if you feel you missed a few Fridays, there will be another beginners in the spring. 

This and next week is all about getting ready for the Park Run. Barcodes at the ready, homework around Monkton Park, visit the run on a Saturday to see what it's all about before you run it. An extra session is planned for Wednesday 11th November meeting 6.30 in the gravel carpark at club. Your leaders will be there to give you one last push before your graduation

So if anyone is asking whats next? It will be to join our pack runners on a Friday night. We run in three different packs taking on progression 3+(thats you lot), 5 and 6 mile distances. I imagine most of you will join the progression pack and work up from there. Over the fnext few months the progression pack will gently and gradually build the miles. Believe you can and you will!

Don't forget this week; Phys Prep is in the dome it's just £1 and we meet at 7.30pm sharp!

Good luck on your homework this week, you have all come on so quickly and its great to see. All in time for the Park Run on Saturday the 14th November , we will all be looking forward to running with you.

Yes! you CAN.
Enjoy your running
Nothing is better than putting on a new pair of running shoes and getting out there. Choosing the right shoes is not quite as easy - good job, then, that we have loads of experienced runners willing to help you find the best shop, brand and style you need to get a great new pair. Our leaders and helpers are a great bunch of people with loads of practical knowledge you just need to ask. Don't forget to ask your leaders about your running and ask questions about how to take if further with the Chippenham Harriers.
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What each group did on Friday...
Lucy, Kirsty, Claire 

Suggested session & homework 7 - 8 - 9 with 1 mins in-between... think there may have been a couple of extra 5's in there as well ! 2.9 miles... your so very close. Keep up the homework and you will storm this
Steve & Belinda

The plan was; 10 - 12 - 10 with 1 minute in-between... Well this group defiantly went the extra mile tonight, you broke the 5k barrier. The 14th will be a walk in the park for you lot ! Keep up the awesome running Steve & Belinda are loving this group of committed runners week after week after week!
Julie & Rohaise

Fantastic effort in your penultimate beginners session from group C. You continue to go from strength to strength running 5k pretty much non stop, with the exception of crossing roads etc. Well Done we are really impressed.


Sat 14th November 2015
 Beginners Graduation
8.40 Monkton Park
If you don't like something please tell us we want to make this the best program possible and we can only do that with your HELP. Likewise if you have any ideas, questions, STORIES and suggestions we would love to hear them. You can e-mail in confidence to:

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