Dear parents of Cycle 3,

Today I have the pleasure of writing to you to introduce myself as the incoming Cycle 3 Director for 2017. As some of you will know, teaching in Cycle 3 has been my dream since I left the public service to begin teaching full-time at CMS, in Winter 2013. I am very happy that this is now coming to pass.

My experience in my earlier years at CMS was chiefly with Cycle 2, so I have worked extensively with this Cycle 3 cohort. Since Term 4, 2015, my role as the inaugural (or should I say guinea pig!) Trainee Director has enabled me to work across the whole school, including Cycle 3. I was also mentored by Liz during part of this time, so I have a good working knowledge of how Karri runs, and an established rapport with the students.

Many of you will also know that my background in teaching is as a High School teacher. So starting work with Cycle 3 brings me closer to my educational roots, and I relish the more mature intellectual engagement, abstract-thinking abilities and broadened interest in the wider world that students nearing the end of their second plane of development typically bring. Having completed my Primary Montessori Diploma, I look forward to applying my deepened understanding of the needs of this age group within the Montessori classroom.

I plan to maintain the strong work ethic and intellectual rigour that Liz and Jenna have worked hard to instill in Cycle 3 over these last years, and I am also relishing the chance to unleash some creative ideas that have been bubbling away in the back of my mind for some time now.

Combining my personal interests, experiences and the recent history of the school, I would like to make the theme for 2017 in Cycle 3 “change”. I plan to focus on the seasons as a recurring rhythm of change, stories of people engaging on the archetypal “hero’s journey”, of transformation. We will be sure to study the metamorphosis of caterpillar to butterfly at some stage. And at the end of the year, our fine graduates will prepare themselves for the largest transformation in their educational lives so far, as they move on to High School.

To kick off the year, we are already planning the Cycle 3 Camp—for week 1, 2017! This will provide the opportunity to bond and set the tone for the year. More information will be provided before the end of term but, in brief, the camp will run over 5 days in the beautiful coastal region of Tathra. It will include a surf safety program, a flat-water kayaking activity, team building challenges, a coastal discovery bushwalk and a big beach carnival. I plan to focus on storytelling, and hopefully (if we get time!) find a Karri song for the year, which I hope to teach on guitar as well as vocally, once we hit school again in week 2.

If you would like the opportunity to have a chat with me before the end of term, please feel free to book yourself into one of these time slots.

Best regards,

Tom Ransom


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