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June 19, 2020

Thriving in Scrubs:
Rites of Passage

July 1st: the day when everyone in medical training gets a new job. On their latest episode, Thriving in Scrubs speaks with Sasha, an OB-GYN resident, and Lea, a radiology attending, about how they have weathered the ups and downs of transitions at various stages in the medical life cycle.

“Mississippi Appendectomy” and other stories: when silence is complicity

Today is Juneteenth, which commemorates the ending of slavery in the United States. In this piece, Dr. Alida Rol examines the role of history and ongoing issues within the medical profession, from the legacy of Dr. J. Marion Sims to race-based health disparities.

Museums Embrace Art Therapy Techniques for Unsettled Times

Several institutions are preparing to reopen with an awareness of a new mission as people struggle with loss and unrest.

Connecting Through Art When a Pandemic Keeps Us Apart

From songs to sounds, and paintings to photographs, artists are responding to the pandemic with new creations.

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BLR Featured Essay: "Harvest Moon"

A past winner of the BLR's Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction, Julia Michie Bruckner's essay, "Harvest Moon," recounts a wrenching night when Bruckner was an exhausted resident in the hospital, caring for a young boy connected to a ventilator while trying to help his mother say goodbye: "What to do or say in such a time? I knew no benediction for this upcoming night, nor for the sacrifice of the next day."

New Annotation: Guy Glass on Hidden Valley Road by Robert Kolker

"The Galvins of Hidden Valley Road, just outside Colorado Springs, appear to be the kind of wholesome, all-American family that others might envy. The tragic fact is that six of the twelve children go on to develop schizophrenia."

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Quadrivium: "Math, Music, and the Moral Imagination"


Artists in Times of Crisis: On Sartre, Rothko, and Calder

Mon, Jun 22: on Sartre
Tue, Jun 23: on Rothko
Thu, Jun 25: on Calder

A Show About Your Brain: Facts Machine Live!


“Dottoressa”—An American Doctor in Rome Book Presentation


Narrative Medicine & The Creative Impulse

Hosted by the Division of Narrative Medicine at Columbia. Early Bird Registration of $50 off tuition through September 18. Standard registration open through October 16th, space permitting.

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