8 Ways to Celebrate Paris-Style

photo by Richard Naham of Eye Prefer Paris

There's no getting out of it now, its December. Its Holiday season, no matter what you celebrate you can't hide under the rug and pretend its not happening. This year more than ever there is a sense that making your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or anything else you celebrate a bit more touching by adding a sense of Paris, in style and in flavor. 

Idea #1

The most exciting idea I can think of to wrap up and put under the tree are two tickets to Paris, or book a Girls' Guide apartment rental for the whole family and spend spring break or summer in the City of Light. Book now until 1/30/16 for use anytime in 2016 and receive 10% off your entire rental cost, for savings of up to 600 euros+. All rentals include a free GO-Card and an orientation tour of the neighborhood. 

Idea #2

Give the gift of an ancient Paris street in the shape of a book to a friend who loves Paris. Elaine Sciolino's livre The Only Street in Paris is one of the best Paris-centric reads I've enjoyed in years. This delightful non-fiction piece is based around her neighborhood street in the 9th, its history and its delightful characters. Its the mostly truly Parisian book, written in English, to come out in a decade. 

Idea #3

Make a Parisian-inspired cocktail, the Orange Pomegranate Gin Cocktail with a little sparkling Prosecco for added holiday cheer. Michelle, the foodie & drinks blogger won a fierce competition facing 10 others to create this holiday wonder made with Citadelle Gin inspired by my book Paris Cocktails. 

Idea #4

Yeah we all think we are great photographers now-a-days with our iphone 6's but in reality there are still those of us who are simply better. Richard from Eye Prefer Paris is one of the real artists. He is offering up, for the first time ever, a collection of his beautiful Paris photographs as Paris postcards. What a perfect gift from Paris that's easy on the pocketbook yet enchanting to the eye. 

Idea #5

Give the gift of time. I am a huge fan of Etsy and what I love most about it is that you can go vintage shopping online just as if you are at the marché, how cute is this Chateau chic antique clock?

Idea #6

If you are in Paris this December be sure not to miss the Ethical Christmas Pop-Up shop at Atelier Meraki in the 11th arrondissement, from Dec. 5-20. Its a collection of young, impressive entrepreneurs who are offering their beautiful handmade items for reasonable prices all made sustainably. 

Idea #7

photo via

Every self-respecting French person will be serving a little foie gras on their Holiday menus this season. Its not as difficult as you think to sautée a lobe or two. Simply brown on both sides, then add some port and a pat of butter at the end to create a simple sauce. Serve with toasts and a drizzle of honey. (With all apologies to any vegans on the list.)

Idea #8

photo by a

Here's a little freebie from yours truly to bright up your Holiday fête. The Cranberry Sparkler Cocktail is thrown together quite easily and hails from my book Paris Cocktails. Take 1/2 oz. of Cranberry Liquer (Edmond Briottet preferred) together with 2 teaspoons of Cocchi Americano Rosa and then add 2 oz. of Champagne Crémant. Serve in a chilled coupe champagne glass floating a cranberry on top as a garnish. Smile and say santé....adding vive la France! 

I don't need to mention do I? that its not too late to buy one of my books, Paris Cocktails or two for yourself or a friend you know who loves Paris, or cocktails or just a beautiful book that's red and Christmas-y - (shameless self-promotion!). 

Happy Holidays to you and yours. 

Doni & the girls at girls' guide.


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