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Welcome to SMILE News 2

Welcome to the second SMILE Project newsletter. SMILE stands for Soft Mobility Integrated Learning in English.

SMILE is an Erasmus Plus project working with Primary School teachers and children in different European countries. The aims are to use the "English Kitchen" approach to teach the children about bicycles as a means for sustainable transport and also for them to learn English.  
english kitchen logoEnglish Kitchen was created by the idea that it is possible to facilitate learning processes through a practical and cooperative approach, the translation of words and concepts into concrete actions, gestures and social interaction. The means chosen to implement the SMILE project is 'the bicycle'. 

A process of enrichment and academic training offers innovation through the implementation of a series of participatory workshops in which the teaching of the English language is conveyed through practical activities related to alternative sustainable mobility and in particular to knowledge, use and recycling of the bicycle and its components. Read more

A Teacher's Perspective

SMILE partner Parents Association of Experimental Primary Schools Maraslio - PAEPSM has obtained the first impressions about the project from the School Community and more specifically from Glykeria Selimi, an English teacher at the school. Thank you Glykeria! Read on ...
Participation in SMILE has been an interesting experience in terms of a broader educational as well as personal professional level. Through my individual contribution to the programme I had the opportunity to create and implement new methods and materials in class and, thus, further develop my pedagogical practices and teaching approaches.

Students also benefited from their participation in the programme in more than one ways. They enhanced their receptive and productive skills in English while elaborating on crucial environmental issues related to the key concepts of SMILE.

It goes without saying that there is always room for improvement as far as the applied techniques and suggested educational activities of the programme are concerned but my overall view of SMILE is that it is a well-organized, focused and to-the- point, successful educational programme.
In Greece, from 15 January to 30 March 2016 the first five English Kitchen modules were delivered to a total of 125 pupils aged from 7-11.

The lessons took place in the Primary Experimental Schools of the University of Athens, Maraslion. The modules were piloted in the context of a unique non-formal educational institution held only by the schools which are connected officially with the Faculty of Primary Education of the University of Athens.
With the help and the critical eye of pupils, we created a poster in greek language

SMILE Update From Macedonia 

SMILE partner ECO–LOGIC (, a non-profit organisation based in Skopje, Macedonia, finished delivering pilot lessons from all 5 modules, created as the SMILE toolkit. They also carried out a Bike-Rodeo event. Read on to find out more.


Bike Rodeo

As part of the project "Education for cycling through theory and practice", a project that was created in a way that provides an introduction to various innovative and fresh approaches and uses various learning tools as part of the process of informal education, in this case about cycling, NFO Eco Logic organised an event / competition called "Bike Rodeo."
The contest consisted of a track where 6/7 interconnected bicycle exercises (balance, shaking, safety, resourcefulness, etc.) were set.

Children were divided into groups / teams (each school presented a group / team). The aim of the team event was to complete the tasks as quickly as possible and by making the lowest number of mistakes they can. The time was measured from the start of the first team member, and ended when the last member of the team crossed the finish line. A lot of fun was had by all those involved.

Event Details:
- Location: Primary school “Rade Kratovce” – Kocani, R.Macedonia
- Date: 01/06/2016  - Time:  10:00h  - Ages: 12 to 14 years

SMILE Update From Italy 

The SMILE network continues to grow and the project has now entered into a crunch phase. In Italy, the project was presented to the teachers of the Caterina Usai Primary School, Rome, who welcomed with enthusiasm our team: they actually can’t wait to try the learning modules in the classroom!

The plan is to start in October with four classes, and then we’ll continue during the winter with other classes, testing the new modules created in collaboration with our European partners.

English, cycling and fun: at the end of the course the kids will receive the exclusive SMILE driving license!

SMILE workshop @ Appian Way 

The ancient Romans called it "Regina Viarum", the Queen of the streets. The Appian Way was one of the earliest and strategically most important roads of the ancient Roman Republic. Long stretches of it are still well conserved and nowadays are part of a protected area, the "Parco Regionale dell'Appia Antica". Since 2016, ReBike ALTERmobility has been part of a network of national and local organisations which are promoting active citizenship and sustainable urban mobility for a better quality of life, along with a campaign for a car-free Ancient Appian Way.

On Saturday 8th of May, the ReBike team took part in a launch event for the campaign, to promote the Appia as an important resource for recreational and cultural use that should be available to citizens in total safety. Within the event, a SMILE open air workshop for children was organised to raise awareness on the project and carried out during the whole day.

Children participated enthusiastically and learnt how to create new objects such as wallets, keyrings and pencil case from recycled materials. Just another original way to spread the SMILE principles while having fun all together.

SMILE is based on three main pillars: CLIL principles, sustainability (related to urban mobility) and non-formal education practices. 

If you want to find out more, visit the SMILE Web site, explore the information there.

A training toolkit of materials is coming soon.

SMILE Presented @ Bilingual Teacher Workshop

Members of EUROGEO, a partner in the SMILE Project, presented the project activities and outcomes at the Bilingual Teacher Workshop in Torun, Poland on 7-8 October and at the European Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2016 in Malaga Spain on September 29-30 2016.   

Pasta project image


Researching SMILE  

At this stage of the project, the SMILE partners are carrying out research on innovative teaching methodologies and tools used in Primary Schools. Specifically this concerns the use of non formal learning contexts targeted at children and addressing the three main pillars of the project: CLIL, sustainability and non-formal education practices.

The main aim of this research phase is to collect inputs from best practices in Europe in order to inspire and increase the quality of the SMILE toolkit.

Do you know any courses / methods / formats / projects that you consider to be good practice in this field?

Please let us know and contribute to the development of the SMILE project!!!

For further information, you can download the research guidelines here.

Contact us

SMILE Web Site 

Visit the SMILE Web site and find out more about the project, contribute to the research being carried out and the teaching and learning tools that are being prepared. Read more 
SMILE Partners

SMILE project partners are from Italy, Macedonia, Lithuania, Belgium and Greece. More

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