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The American Association of Geographers is a non-profit scientific and educational society aimed at advancing the understanding, study, and importance of geography and related fields. Its headquarters are located in Washington D.C.
The GeoCapabilities project is sponsoring a full day of sessions at the 2016 AAG Annual Meeting in San Francisco on Thursday, March 31.

Geo-capabilities @ AAG 2016

The first session is a workshop entitled “Bringing GeoCapabilities to Geography in Higher Education”, scheduled for 10:00 – 11:40 AM. Workshop participants will be encouraged to reflect on the activities and outcomes of the GeoCapabilities Project and consider how a Capabilities approach, involving Powerful Disciplinary Knowledge, Curriculum Making and Leadership Perspectives can be used to enhance student engagement in higher education, enhance geographical thinking and improve the quality and outcome of higher education courses in disruptive times.

Paper Sessions @ AAG2016 

Following the workshop, three 100-minute paper sessions will explore the theme of “Appreciating Geography as Powerful Disciplinary Knowledge in Schools”. The first paper session will start at 12:40 PM and the final one will conclude at 6:20 PM. Each session will feature four papers and a discussion led by Professor David Lambert.
The papers have all arisen through the project and come either from full project partners (Finland, UK, Eurogeo, USA) or from associate partners (including additional European countries such as Germany, Netherlands and Sweden as well as China, Japan and New Zealand). All of the papers theorize progressive, knowledge-led curriculum thinking in school geography and what the project is calling curriculum leadership among teachers of geography.
Room locations and schedules for presenters in the GeoCapabilities sessions will be posted on the online 2016 AAG Annual Meeting preliminary program at

GeoCapabilities was published in the Annals in 2015. Read more

See the project website for more project dissemination activities.

Geo-capabilities 2 Web Site

The project is now evolving from its research phase to the development of training materials and resources. The project website communicates the main ideas and principles underpinning GeoCapabilities as well as latest news and publications. Have a look. Send us your comments
The official partners of the GeoCapabilities project are from 
Belgium, England, Finland, Greece and USA.
Associate partners already include: Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Turkey, USA and Sweden.
Geo-capabilities project partner logos
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