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 January 2014

Debating Democracy 2.0

Members of EUROGEO participated in the World Forum for Democracy at the Council of Europe. The association represented Geography at the event which brought together over 1200 global leaders and experts. The main theme - Connecting Citizens and Institutions in the Digital Age -discussed how technical developments can enable higher citizen participation in today's democratic societies. The event took place in Strasbourg from 27-29 November 2013.  Read more.

Starting GeoCapabilities 2  

EUROGEO is a partner in the newly funded GeoCapabilities 2 project coordinated by the Institute of Education in London, UK. The first meeting took place in London from 5-7 December 2013. The project is about leadership and curriculum making in geography. To find out about GeoCapabilities: Read more

School on the Cloud Network

EUROGEO is a core member of a new Key Action 3 (ICT) Network funded by the European Commission called School on the Cloud. This project places the association at the heart of new Cloud-based technological developments.  The first preparatory meeting of the core team took place in Athens from 12-17 December. Read more

Upcoming Events

The Conference of International NGOs
  • Where: Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France
  • When: 27 - 31 January 2014
  • More
Geography Education Roadmap for Europe 
  • Where: Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • When: 20 - 22 February 2014
  • More information to follow
Training courses on digital geographic media in schools.
  • Where: Salzburg, Austria
  • When: 2-6 March 2014
  • Apply
EUROGEO Annual Meeting and Conference.
  • Where: University of Malta, Valetta, Malta
  • When: 15-17 May 2014
  • Apply

The World of Geography

Human Geography: How effective is the world's largest development aid and migration assistance donor?
The EU has since 2001 invested over 500 million euro in its Thematic Programme for Migration and Assylum. At the same time, Concord - a leading NGO confederation for relief and development - says Europe’s leadership appears to be waning in respect to the boundaries of aid, on its effectiveness, and on its quantity. Is the EU doing enough to prevent another Lampedusa tragedy?

Download the Concord AidWatch Report evaluating the EU's activities and judge for yourself. Have a look at this infographic showing the main migration routes to Europe. Read the EU's point of view here.

Physical Geography: First time ever direct observation of 'rocky lava' obsidian flow in Chile
Scientists of the University of Lancaster have for the first time ever been able to witness an obsidian flow moving - a rocky form of lava - that keeps moving for over a year after its eruption. These flows are highly explosive and can grow 10 times taller than a double deck bus. Read more or watch this movie.

Geo-media: Maps for the Future event presented at the European Parliament
The event presented plans about the new European Location Framework (EFL), an initiative that aims to provide integrated Pan-European geoinformation among member states. MEP Catherine Stihler sponsored the event. Being a daughter of a geography teacher, "geography embodies my DNA", she shared. 

The event was organised by EuroGeographics. Read more.

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Geo-Resources Online

Animating Your Annual Reporting 2.0?
What is a more interesting way to showcase your annual international activities, than to map them? With Google Tour Builder you can now map your activities chronologically, insert up to 10 pictures and include a brief description of each activity while showing the exact location. By clicking 'Next' you are directed to your next activity.

  Try it here and check out this greaexample       

European Journal of Geography

journal front page graphic

The European Journal of Geography (EJG) is the main publication of the European Association of Geographers. The purpose of the journal is to promote the discipline and the work of geographers to decision makers. Submission details and the latest issue of the European Journal of Geography can be found at
Latest issue of RIGEO published  RIGEO is an open access, quick, free or charge and expert peer review publication in geography education and related disciplines (such as environment education, geology education, biology education and more). Read here how to send in your abstracts. Read more.
Resources for teaching and research Looking for more resources? Visit the Resources Database

Grants & Funding Opportunities

Visegrad Fund for Masters students and Post-Masters students. Scholars receive €2.300/per semester. 
  • Open to applicants from: Albania, Armenia,Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova,Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, or Ukraine.
  • Deadline: 31 January 2014.
  • More.
ERC Starting Grants for PhD Researchers (European Commission). 
  • Open to: PhD researchers of any nationality who intend to conduct their research activity in any EU Member State or Associated Country
  • Deadline: 25 March 2014
  • Grant: €1.5 milion
  • More.
Prince Claus Fund ‘Culture in Defiance’ Projects
  • Open to: all parties working in the cultural and artistic spheres in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Deadline: 28 February 2014
  • Grant: €15.000
  • More
More grants and funding opportunities

Job Offers & Careers

Education and Outreach Director at Earth Observatory of Singapore Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, apply now. More.
Undergraduate Earth Systems Science Field and Laboratory Coordinator at Division of Earth Sciences at Earth Observatory of Singapore, apply now. More and 8 other vacancies.

Office Coordinator (temporary) at MapAction, Saunderton, United Kingdom, deadline: until it is filled. More.
Education Inspector at VSO Uganda (24 month placement), Karamoja, Uganda.  More.

Traineeship at the Committee of the Regions. Brussels, Belgium. Deadline: 30 March. More.
CrossCulture Internships at Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations. Only for citizens of Germany and Islamic Countries. Scholarship is €550-€1100. Deadline: 29 January. More.
Summer Trainee Program at Google. Based in Israel, Poland, Switzerland, Germany. Open to all European and Israeli citizens. Deadline: 31 January 2014. More.
Advocacy Positions at the European Roma Rights Centre, Budapest, Hungary. More.
Jr. researcher on sustainability assessment of bio-based materials (1.0 fte) at the University of Utrecht, Faculty of Geosciences. Deadline: 28 February 2014. More.
PhD researcher in global water resources modelling and re-analysis (1.0 fte) at the University of Utrecht, Faculty of Geosciences. Deadline: 20 January 2014. More

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