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April 5, 2017  -  Issue #42

Self-Discipline Leads To Working Happy

Self-discipline is the aligning of your energy and focus so that you can move efficiently in a chosen direction. Without it, you will find yourself scattered, wandering aimlessly and distracted from your goals.

In our society, self-discipline is sometimes seen in a negative light as drudgery, too hard, uninteresting or stifling freedom. Not! Self-discipline is by its nature self-initiated. You can practice it your way. By letting go of any resistance to self-discipline, you can start gathering your energies and focus to get yourself to working happy.

Here are some ways to strengthen your self-discipline:
  • Find some good things to go for. Set goals that excite you. No “shoulds.”
  • Start with short periods of time. Commit to doing something for a week, for example.
  • Find ways to remind yourself of the rewards that await you when you accomplish something.
  • Find ways to focus that work for you. Do you need periodic breaks? Do you need to eliminate distractions?
  • “Make friends” with self-discipline and see its benefits. Let go of any resistance to it.
Self-discipline is a key ingredient in getting where you want to be. Practice self-discipline – it will propel you on your road to working happy!

Email me if you'd like to go further with this. I’m happy to help you get started!

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Q: I work with a co-worker who I am beginning to realize is very manipulative. She always has an opinion regarding how our office is run and how I am doing my work. She acts as if she is my friend and hovers over me a bit too much, trying to gain my confidence. I am realizing she has an agenda but I have not yet figured out what it is. Her interference and hovering is beginning to get to me. I am also concerned about what she may be saying about me to others. Something just isn’t right. Do you have any advice regarding how I can put an end to this?

A: It looks like some boundaries are called for here! Based on your view of her now, I would suggest distancing yourself from her without creating a lot of drama. Manipulative people like drama and know how to use it to their own best interests. You could start by letting her know that you are busy when she hovers or interferes. You can do this in a polite manner, letting her know that you have to focus on your work. In addition, you can stop “feeding” her game, by adjusting your behavior and what you share with her. Observe how she acts with you and others and you will figure out how she is manipulating people and how to avoid letting her manipulate you. These situations are never easy, but now that you are aware of this, stay in your power and draw the boundaries that are needed.

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  • Courtesy can go far in the workplace. Practice it and see what happens.
  • No one has power over you unless you allow them to have it.
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