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Special note from the CEO:
A treasure trove of Lynchburg’s images

I’ve mentioned it before and it bears repeating that Kipp Teague maintains a must-see site for images of Lynchburg past and present. Especially neat are the comparisons of historical and contemporary images, and the visual history of Lynchburg.
Simply Awesome!!!!                                                          
— Lonnie

Security Tips from the Spymasters

Whose example in network security better to follow than the National Security Agency, whose mission, according to its website, is "the formidable challenge of preventing ...adversaries from gaining access to sensitive or classified ... information." 

"Back up your data!"

Check out Lonnie Rose on WSET, discussing the newest malware threat: the Cryptolocker.

"I think I picked up a virus..."

Most users don't know that "computer viruses" aren't really around anymore. Today we have a blanket term, "malware", that covers worms, trojans, and rootkits, which are created and spread much more often than the now-defunct "virus". Not that we're picky about what you call it; either way we can clean it up!

90,000 hackers are trying to break into your Wordpress site.

If you have a website on Wordpress and your username to make changes is "admin," you're at risk for brute force attacks, in which high-level hackers use hundreds of thousands of attempts from over 90,000 different IP addresses to guess your password -- and they're usually successful. Long story short -- change your username ASAP or risk getting hacked. 

Cybercriminals break into Adobe

More than 2.9 million customers' information is believed to have been compromised by a recent attack on Adobe's network.

Please hold for the next available representative...

Hate being on hold for customer service? Never wait on hold again, promises, a site for getting in the queue for service and then receiving a call when it's your turn. To get faster service, find the best number at

Got iOS 7?

Learn about the capabilities in the new operating system that you'll find useful.

Messy Windows 7 files.

Clean it up with Windows 7 Disk Cleanup to free up hard drive space.

I can't remember all these online usernames and passwords!

Don't stress about the inconceivable number of online accounts you have -- and don't kill yourself trying to come up with new secure passwords for each. Mozilla has released the beta version of its software 'Persona' which seeks to eliminate passwords altogether. 

Do you use Remote Desktop for work? Here are some helpful tips!

If you remote into a desktop, and you've ever been frustrated that the keyboard shortcuts you're used to don't work, you'll find these keyboard shortcuts extremely handy.

Too many files, not enough time...

As documents and photos stack up one our phones, tablets, and PCs, it's hard to keep track of locations and latest version. No longer must you manage files manually. Now there's SyncToy 2.1, an application to help you keep your files synchronized and up-to-date across directories. 
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