Wade 0.8.1 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 0.8.1

Rotate those sprites

Control the orientation of your objects, or of individual sprites, with a single line of code:


Dynamic resolution control

The balance between crisp graphics and smooth performance

So you've made a great game that looks great in full-HD on a PC, but older phones are having trouble rendering all those pixels. Now you can choose to exchange resolution for performance dynamically, at run time, using hardware-accelerated CSS upscaling:


But I want performance AND hi-res graphics!

OK, you can have both. Well, not really. But you can have the next best thing: control resolution for individual layers. Use high-resolution layers for static objects and text, and lower the resolution of the layers that draw lots of pixels per frame.

wade.setLayerResolutionFactor(layerId, x);

Go full screen

More and more browsers support Full Screen mode, even on mobiles. Add a full-screen button to your app, and in its onMouseUp function do this:


Sprite compositing


That's always been useful to generate sprites procedurally, and to reduce draw calls by drawing lots of objects into a single sprite. Now you can do even better, as drawToImage() supports custom transforms and composite operations.
Plus more features, performance improvements and bug fixes.
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