Wade 0.9.1 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 0.9.1

Mirror and flip

It's really common for games to have sprites and mirrored versions of the same sprites: such as an animation of a character walking left that you reuse (mirrored) to make him walk right.
Don't waste precious bandwidth to transfer mirror images. Now you can do this:

New camera system

Controlling your camera has never been easier. Instead of just setting its position directly, you can now tell the camera to move towards a target position:

wade.moveCamera({x: 5, y: 5, z: 2}, speed);

But easy doesn't mean basic! You can use a constant speed, or even choose to define speed as a function of the distance to your target:

wade.moveCamera({x: 5, y: 5, z: 2}, function(distance)
    return distance * distance;

You can now set the camera to follow a particular object too, optionally adding some inertia to its movement, or an offset relative to the target's position:

wade.setCameraTarget(sceneObject, inertia, offset);

And to make the whole system even more convenient, we've added a new onCameraMoveComplete event.

Multiple main loops

If you like modular design, you are going to love the fact that you can now have several components of your game working independently. Don't worry about managing and updating these components, simply add a main loop for each of your game modules. And when you're done with a module, just remove it.

wade.setMainLoopCallback(myPhysicsFunction, 'physics');
wade.setMainLoopCallback(myAiFunction, 'ai');

wade.setMainLoopCallback(null, 'physics');
Plus a couple of bug fixes. Check out the full change log.
And get the new version here
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