Wade 0.8.3 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 0.8.3

The clones are coming

Cloning objects in JavaScript can be quite tricky. But WADE objects are different:

var newObject = sceneObject.clone();

In the same way, you can also clone individual sprites and animations.


As useful as onMouseDown and onMouseUp events can be, sometimes you just want to know if the user is actually clicking somewhere. Now you can use the simple, cross-platform onClick event that is also fired on touch screen devices (when the user taps).

More animation control

You can now play animations in any direction: 'forward', 'reverse' or 'ping-pong'.
girl.playAnimation('walk', direction);

It's OK to be lazy

Really, it is. We know that you don't want to keep track of all the objects and resources that you are adding to the scene, so you can unload them at the end of a level. We've been there too. So we've made it easier for you with some new functions:

Control smoothing

When you take a low-resolution image and draw it as a large sprite on the screen, you automatically get some image smoothing.
But maybe that's not what you want: if you're using pixel art, you may want to turn smoothing off. Now you can do just that - and you can also turn it off on some layers only, if you want to be creative.

New video tutorial

Don't forget to check out part 3 of our video tutorial series, where we start making our "whack a mole" game actually fun to play, while learning something new about WADE's camera and layer system. Watch it here.
And of course we've also fixed a couple of bugs and improved performance.
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