Wade 1.4 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 1.4
WARNING - This version contains some changes that may break existing code. If upgrading your project from a previous version, be sure to read this note.

3D Layer Transforms

It's time to add some cool professional effects to your WADE apps! With the new version of WADE you can easily apply 3D transforms to individual layers in your scene:
wade.setLayer3DTransform(layerId, 'rotateX(45deg)');

And on browsers that support hardware-accelerated CSS transitions, you can animate these 3D transforms just as easily:
wade.setLayer3DTransform(layerId, 'rotateX(45deg)', '', 2);

Protect your content

WADE 1.4 comes with some powerful new ways for you to protect your content. It would be very annoying if someone just took your app and uploaded it to their website without your permission. Luckily, you can restrict your app (or parts of it) to run exclusively on your website:

That won't stop them putting your app on an iFrame on their domain, but this will:


And if you want to just stop some people linking to your app directly:


WADE obfuscator for prompt.js

None of the above methods will stop people from editing your code and simply removing the calls to your content-protection functions. After all, it's as easy as searching for "wade.siteLock" in the source code and removing it. Or is it?

If you use the new WADE obfuscator script for prompt.js, all WADE calls can be replaced with unique numbers automatically, making your app much harder to hack.

Just open prompt.js in your app's folder and type:


wadeObfuscator('inputFile.js', 'outputFile.js');

There is also an option to concatenate all the scripts that you are using before doing this - have a look at the source of wadeObfuscator.js for more details.

This Week's Free Sprite

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Plus more cool things and bug fixes. Check out the full change log.
Download the new version here
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