Wade 0.9.2 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 0.9.2

Easy composite operations

Draw your sprites using any HTML5 composite operations with a single line of code.
Need additive blending for example? It's this easy:

Fast overlap tests

In most games you need to know which objects are overlapping, but you don't really want to test every possible object pair, which would be really slow.
Now you can access WADE's extremely fast quadtree search directly, and it's really straightforward:

Custom events and scheduled events

With the new version of WADE you can define your own custom events, simply by listening to them:

wade.addEventListener(object, 'myCustomEvent');

Then fire this event and the 'myCustomEvent' function of the listeners (or of any behaviors of the listeners) will be executed:


But things get even more interesting as you schedule your custom events, so for example you could do this:

spaceship.schedule(1000, 'fire');

Which would cause the 'fire' function of the spaceship object to be executed after 1000 milliseconds, unless the spaceship is removed from the scene in the meantime, in which case the scheduled event is automatically cancelled.

Better support for rotation

You could already rotate scene objects but now you have much more control, and can do things like this:

object.rotateTo(angle, speed);

And when you set sprite offsets relative to their parent object, you can (optionally) specify an angular offset:

object.addSprite(sprite, {x: 0, y: 0, angle: 3.14});
And we've been optimizing everything, the new version is really fast!
There are also more features and bug fixes. Check out the full change log.
And get the new version here
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