Wade 1.1 is out, with new features and improvements
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A quick look at what's new in WADE 1.1

Full Gamepad Support

Browsers are starting to support gamepads, and WADE is ready! Up to 4 gamepads connected at the same time, with up to 16 buttons and 2 analog sticks each can be used. At the moment this is only supported in Chrome and the next version of Firefox, but will soon start working everywhere.
Connect your gamepads, call wade.enableGamepads() and you will start receiving onGamepadButtonDown and onGamepadButtonUp events in your app, as well as being able to query the state of the gamepads.

Progress Bars

Want to show a progress bar while your game is loading? It couldn't be any simpler:


And if you want to change its position and colors, it's just as easy:
wade.setLoadingBar(true, {x:0, y:100}, backColor, foreColor);


Vector Maths

Working with 2D vectors is much easier now, with many helper functions that let you manipulate, rotate, normalize and generally do anything you like with vectors using a simple, concise syntax. For example:
wade.vec2.rotate(vector, angle);, v2);

Have you been missing out?

We have been giving away some very cool animated sprites for free: cows, horses and even an orc! In fact, the orc is still free (until Friday), add him to your cart, then use voucher code WAAAGH at check-out for a 100% discount on it.
We will keep doing this periodically - make sure to visit our Market every so often to get some extra freebies when they become available!

Wade.iso 1.1

The isometric plug-in for WADE keeps getting better: more events, more functions for your IsoCharacters, some performance improvements and bug-fixes (more details here). It's still 50% off in our Market, if you haven't got it yet, it may be a good time to get it now!
Plus many more cool things: too many to list here!
Check out the full change log. And download the new version here
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