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Issue Eleven - 1st September 2017

Welcome to the eleventh issue of our e-newsletter Talking Trees

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In this issue we have a lot of photos of Elder Class (age 17-19,) who have packed a lot into their last term at the school.  We have been thinking back to the beginning of Class 1, which was three small children in a classroom in a church hall, and the journey the class has been on since then (see the photo above.)

The St.John’s Festival was particularly focussed around Elder Class this year.  The Elder students moved into the field with their flaming torches and a spontaneous silence fell over the assembled children, parents and staff.

Their individual jumps over the St.John’s fire also seemed particularly meaningful this year, as they jump into their future lives.

Here is the class, after the festival, having offered their graduation hats to the flames.

Sequoia Class (age 9-11) have also had one of the big events of their school life this term, attending the Steiner School Olympics. This year, some of the athletics took place around the tents, involving a lot of sleeping bags . . .

Sequoia Campfire

They also had time to sit around the campfire toasting marsh mallows and playing a bit of music.

For the final day of the Olympics Sequoia Class wore their tunics and took part in more formal athletics.  Below is a selection of photos of Sequoia before and during the Olympics and at the final ceremony.

Oak Class (age 13-15) have completed a block in pinhole photography, creating some amazing photos and finishing with an exhibition for parents.

They have also finished the term with sailing and archery.

Maple Class (age 7-9) had a trip to Gressenhall as part of their farming block.  They enjoyed the freedom of a big and beautiful farm on a sunny day.  Everyone seemed to end up with bare feet...

The kindergarten have been enjoying painting along with their seasonal activities for the summer term, including a graduation ceremony for the sun children, now moving on to Class 1 in September.

Birch Class (age 15-17) have been to Munich, experiencing the historic parts of the city and several art galleries as well as a challenging and moving visit to the concentration camp Dachau.

To finish, we return to Elder Class, who have performed many wonderful plays during their time at Norwich Steiner School.  Their last two plays, an Absurdist play by Eugene Ionesco called ‘The Bald Primadona’ and a murder mystery, ‘Murder at Rundown Abbey,’ were both delightfully mad in different ways.  Below are some images from before and during the two performances.

UPPER SCHOOL FACT - You may not know... that although our oldest class Is moving on this year, we can still take pupils to join our next oldest class, now at the end of its first of a three-year school leaving qualification (the Steiner School Certificate.) We can take new pupils of this age and they can choose to enrol for the final two years of the qualification. Contact us for more details.

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