This month, read on to find out about the ICAHD’s rebuilding camp for 2017, our Global Digital Photo Party for raising funds, an update on demolitions and other news, the Palestine Lobby of Parliament on 15th November, the EU’s response to BDS, a review of Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid ed. Ilan Pappe, actions you can take and forthcoming events.
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- Outside the home, built by ICAHD in 2015. Image: ICAHD UK 

Announcing ICAHD's 13th Rebuilding Camp, 16-31 July 2017

Continuing ICAHD activism on the ground 

Internationals are invited to participate in the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions 13th camp to rebuild a Palestinian home demolished by Israeli authorities. So far ICAHD has rebuilt 189 homes, constituting one of the most powerful and meaningful ways we can stand in solidarity with Palestinian families.
Since 1967 more than 48,000 Palestinian homes and structures have been demolished in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, in violation of international law. Strengthen your involvement in the global movement to end home demolitions and bring about peace with justice for all peoples.
Apply to join the 2017 rebuilding camp and work alongside Palestinians and Israelis who refuse to be enemies. The camp also includes an extensive educational programme that includes evening speakers and field trips to Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank.

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help raise funds towards the rebuilding project. Visit this link to make your donation and then pass it on to others in your network:

- Hajaj Fhadad families living conditions. Before and after ICAHD rebuilt their home in 2015. Image: ICAHD UK 

A UK participant from the 2015 camp says:

“The ICAHD rebuilding camp has changed my life. To help build a house for someone in need is very fulfilling. The ICAHD programme gave me a chance to learn from many very committed and deeply informed people. The international camp team were inspirational, freely sharing their wide experience and understanding. Some came from strong Zionist families and struggled to remain loyal to family whilst living their commitment to Palestinian rights.” (L Burrows)

Please download the flyer here and for more information and an application form please contact Heidi on

Global Digital Photo Party 

An easy way for all ICAHD supporters to get involved! 

- Image of a young girl at home in the Negev. Image: Judah Passow 

The first fundraising event for ICAHD’s 2017 rebuilding camp will on and around International Human Rights Day on 10th December 2016. All ICAHD supporters wherever they are globally are invited to be part of this activity by hosting or attending a house party! Each event will feature an interview with award-winning photojournalist Judah Passow filmed specially for the event. Hear Judah explain his latest work, which explores the Israeli Palestinian's conflict of identity. We will also provide you with a slide show of his incredible photographs. Tickets for the evening include a raffle ticket for one of Judah’s stunning A3 framed prints (worth £125).

Tickets can be purchased via our crowdfunding campaign. There are various different ticket prices, with the opportunity to purchase Judah Passow's work and ICAHD founder Jeff Halper’s latest book at special rates.

To see a sample of Judah's photography go to

Contact Heidi on for details on events local to you, or for more information about hosting an event yourself.

Demolitions and Displacement 

Demolitions more than double in East Jerusalem and the West Bank during 2016

- A member of the J'afreh family inspecting his family's residence after the demolition  in Silwan on 26 October 2016, which displaced 30 Palestinians. The building had four apartments for the Ja'afreh family. Picture: Afif Amira

By midway through October, the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports that this year Israel had demolished 941 Palestinian structures and displaced 1442 people. This is more than double the number of demolitions conducted during 2015. We urge you to see this  short video explaining the surge in demolitions. These alarming figures provide further fuel for our campaign to end home demolitions.
On 26 October alone, the Jerusalem Municipality and Israeli forces demolished 7 residential units in East Jerusalem – four in Silwan and three in Beit Hanina. In Silwan, a two floor 4-unit building belonging to the extended Jafari family was demolished.  The building was constructed 17 years ago on what is designated as green space – the stated rationale for denying the family a building permit. Thirty family members were displaced, half under the age of 18. Powerful film footage from the demolition is on the United Nations occupied Palestinian Territory Facebook page.

Three units, two inhabited by the Siyam family and one by the Rajabi family were destroyed in Beit Hanina.  Six members of the Siyam family were displaced, including three children under the age of 18.  An additional six members of the Rajabi family lost their home, including four under the age of 18, one of whom is physically challenged. 

At the beginning of October, UN Permanent Observer Riyad Mansour told the Palestinian Rights Committee: “The situation on the ground is moving from bad to worse.” The committee had gathered against the backdrop of Israel’s intensified settlement construction in the occupied Palestinian territories. He went on to describe the recent intensified demolition of homes in East Jerusalem, especially in Area C, as well as the extreme hardship endured by Palestinians living under siege in the Gaza Strip. Read more

On 16 October, thousands of Negev residents demonstrated opposite the Ramat Hanegev Regional Council building to protest against the demolition of homes in Negev and the fierce attack on Bir Hadaj, where numerous homes were demolished under the pretext of them having illegal licences. Read more

Meanwhile, a recent article refers to the aims of the Israeli government over the years. In 'Changing the Rules of Land Theft' Yesh Din writes, "The goal is one and all the roads lead to it: Israeli takeover of as much land as possible in the West Bank. The main method is now declaring as much of it “state land” as possible." However this isn't so easy to do because nowadays "it is very hard to defend, even in the High Court of Justice, the illegal takeover of privately-owned land." Read more

Over almost five decades of Israeli occupation, the number of Palestinian refugees has grown with every generation, saturating basic services in the 19 camps that are home to about 200,000 people in the West Bank run by the United Nations. Read a report from Aida refugee camp (on reliefweb) titled: Life Goes On, Barely, After 50 Years of Occupation.

US and EU condemn new settlement plans 
Both the US and the EU have condemned Israel’s latest plan for the expansion of illegal settlements, calling this a "one-state reality of perpetual occupation" (US Deputy Department Spokesperson). Read more

Get regular updates on demolitions and displacements from the UN Protection of Civilians Weekly Report. Online

Israel and South Africa
ICAHD UK Patron Ilan Pappe edits new book 

Israel and South Africa: The Many Faces of Apartheid ed. Ilan Pappe - Review
Diana Neslen reviews a new collection of essays edited by ICAHD UK Patron Ilan Pappe. She calls it: "a book for all those wishing to advance their knowledge of the nature of apartheid and colonialism in the 21st Century and above all... a valuable compendium of arguments against those who, in spite of the evidence, still cling to the belief that Israel is not an apartheid state." Read the full review
Despite Israel's attacks on the BDS movement including pressure on governments, legislators and officials to fight BDS activity through implementation of repressive measures that pose a threat to civil and political liberties at large, Federica Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs, has condemned attacks on human rights defenders and affirmed the rights of European citizens to freedom of expression and association, including through participation in the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. 
Visit for more information. 

Petitions for you to sign

We encourage you to take action today!

This is a practical, easy but very important action that everyone can take! Please sign and share this petition because two years on from the devastating conflict in Gaza only 10 % of the 11,000 totally destroyed homes in Gaza have been fully rebuilt. During Israel’s 2014 bombardment of Gaza half a million people - 28% of Gaza’s population - were displaced due to the fighting, and even as hostilities subsided, over 18,000 families - 100,000 people - were unable to return as their homes had been heavily damaged or completely destroyed. World leaders have pledged $3.5 billion to rebuild Gaza, but Israeli govenmerns restrictions on the entry of building material are costing reconstruction efforts severe delays. Action must be taken to press for an end to these restrictions so that families are lifted out of the rubble and homes and hospitals can be built. Save this OCHA report on Gaza and refer to it in your awareness-raising and lobbying activities.

A petition has been started calling on the UK’s Home Secretary to intervene on behalf of Issa Amro of ‘Youth Against Settlements’ (Hebron) who has been formally recognised by the European Union as a Human Rights Defender and is currently awaiting trial in an Israeli military court for 18 erroneous charges, many of which had been previously dismissed and is part of a “proven systematic campaign to target & oppress human rights activists by the State of Israel”. The conviction rate for Palestinians in the military court is over 99%.
Please sign the petition here. 

Events coming up

WHAT:  Conference: How will we mark the century of the Balfour Declaration? 
DETAILS: Next year till be the centenary of the 'Balfour Declaration' of 1917, through which the British Government, unilaterally promised the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine; however the promise to protect the rights the Palestinian people has not been fulfilled. 

WHEN:    Saturday 5 November 2016
WHERE:  Southwark Cathedral, SE1 9DA

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here 



- Image: Judah Passow 

WHAT:  National Lobby of Parliament for Palestine
DETAILS: Join this year's Lobby of Parliament for Palestine. More people are needed for lobbying and to assist on the day. No experience necessary! This year the focus is on the illegality of settlements. Confront your MP about Palestinians homes that have been demolished and people displaced in order for settlements to be constructed. 

When you sign up you will receive information on how to set up a meeting with your MP, and briefings and information that can be passed on in your discussion with them. 

The Palestinian Solidarity Campaign is looking for people to provide assistance on the day with stewarding and registration.Contact the PSC to register your help. 

WHEN:   Tuesday, 15th November, 12pm-6pm 
Houses of Parliament, London 

Click here to find out who your local MP is and click here to register.          

WHAT: Global Digital Photo Party 
DETAILS: The first fundraising event for ICAHD’s 2017 rebuilding camp will happen on and around International Human Rights Day on 10th December. All ICAHD supporters wherever they are globally are invited to be part of this activity by hosting or attending a house party!

WHEN:    Saturday, 10th December  
Please contact us for a list of locations  

Tickets can be purchased via our crowdfunding campaign.            


- Photo from a recent Study Tour. Image: ICAHD UK  

WHAT: Spring Study Tours to Israel and Palestine 
DETAILS: Join these tours grounded in ICAHD analysis. Be a witness and receive in-depth understanding about the reality of life today in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel. Learn about the political, economic and social scene, whilst exploring areas rich in history, outstanding beauty, and cross-cultural influences. Meet local people and benefit from expert analysis on the ever-changing reality on the ground and its place in the wider world.
In March there will be a specialist tour for mental health professionals in the occupied territories, followed by a more in-depth ‘Digging Deeper’ tour for those already familiar with ICAHD analysis.

The ticket price includes a full tour programme and staying in good three star hotels at half board (bed, breakfast and evening meal), sharing a twin-bedded room with ensuite facilities. Also included in the price is your tour leader, modern air-conditioned tour bus, guides and tips.

For a downloadable flyer, please find one here and write to us for further information. Nothing compares to witnessing the situation and interacting with the local people. 

WHEN:     March 2017
WHERE:   Israel & Palestine

WHAT: ICAHD AGM and 13th Annual Conference 

DETAILS: The next ICAHD UK conference is being planned, and speakers are being identified. More info to follow, but for now please save this important date in your calendar!

WHEN:   Saturday 13 May 2017 
WHERE: Amnesty International HQ, London 

You can register your place by contacting us 

WHAT: Summer Rebuilding Camp 2017


DETAILS: You are invited to participate in the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions 13th Rebuilding Camp, to rebuild a Palestinian home demolished by Israeli authorities. The camp will take place 16-31 July. For more information and to book a place contact Heidi on

This year, for the first time, ICAHD has set up a crowdfunding campaign to help raise funds towards the rebuilding project. Strengthen your involvement in the global movement to end home demolitions and bring about peace with justice for all peoples. Visit and pass on details of ICAHD's rebuilding camp via the crowdfunding campaign, and make a contribution:
WHEN:    16-31 July 2017
WHERE:  Israel and Palestine 
-  ICAHD UK t-shirts can be bought from our website here.


A little bit about us

ICAHD UK exists to oppose Israel’s policy of Palestinian home demolitions within the Occupied Palestine Territory and Israel and the displacement of the indigenous Palestinian population.  Our work involves:
  • Advocating and campaigning in support of human rights in both Israel and the Occupied Palestine Territory (OPT)
  • Educating, informing and disseminating information to the UK public about the situation on the ground in Israel and the OPT, specifically any activities that may affect the achievement of a just and sustainable peace
  • Educating, empowering and encouraging membership to campaign and advocate to people of all levels of influence, and through their own networks to help build a movement for change in Israel and the OPT amongst UK leaders and citizens which becomes a movement of critical mass
  • Working with ICAHD groups around the world (in Israel, the US, Germany, Finland and Australia) to mobilize the international community for a just peace.
  • Organising rebuilding camps as grassroots political resistance to the Occupation, including fundraising to support Palestinians who have had their home demolished.

- Please consider making a one-off or regular donation to help us build our campaign and capacity.

Actions you can take NOW:

Quick summary

  2.  JOIN  as a member to support our work
  3.  SIGN  these petitions
  4.  FOLLOW  and LIKE us on social media for up-to-date news
With thanks for your continued support, from all at ICAHD UK...
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