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Monthly News #18:  September 2022
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Waste not Want not
🗑 Did you know that 1/3 of all food produced for human consumption in the world is wasted

🚮 That's like throwing out 1/3 of any market, or 1/3 of any meal, or 1/3 of any field of food.  That's Crazy!  
🇺🇳 The UN's International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste #FLWDay is September 29 every year.  

FAO provides a lot of resources for a wide variety of people
 on the 👉FLWDay website.  
The SFS Toolkit team searches 👀 for resources to help Dietitians-Nutritionists in your roles.  We continually do this for you, with you. 
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Highlighted Resources
👉 New Hot Topic Resource Cluster: Dietitians-Nutritionists' role in Food Waste. We pull together case studies, research, tools, webinars, and websites for one topic, all in one space, tailored to D-Ns.  We will keep adding to this cluster for you... with you.  If you have something to add for D-Ns please share it with us.
👉 Healthy people, healthy planet: a flexitarian approach to sustainable healthy diets (self-study course) - This course was developed by Christine McCullum-Gomez, PhD, RDN, LD with Today’s Dietitian and made complimentary through January 31, 2023 with support from Danone North America. It was approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration to offer 2 Continuing Professional Education Units. The course is condensed specifically for D-Ns into a 7-page overview of the EAT-Lancet Commission’s 2019 planetary health diet, which is a largely plant-based flexitarian diet, and includes research on benefits and barriers to achieving the diet.
👉 Additionally, these slides were developed and presented as a webinar by Christine which she kindly shares with you.  Thank you Christine!
👉 Identifying effective interventions to promote consumption of protein-rich foods from lower ecological footprint sources: A systematic literature review (2022) This newest addition to the SFS Toolkit's 👉 Emerging Research Summaries was submitted by Liza Barbour, the SFS Toolkit Regional Contact for Australia with Dr Rimante Ronto from Macquarie University, Australia.  The research shows a clear gap in the current evidence base for interventions that promote plant-based diet in the general population.
Thanks to all of you that are sending 👉 Emerging Research Summaries.  Keep them coming, readers really enjoy these easy to digest overview of key SFS studies relevant to D-Ns.  If you've never read an Emerging Research Summary, you are missing out!  Click through to read your first one. It is easy to submit - we provide you a simple template to guide you. You can reach out to the SFS Toolkit Coordinator at any time if you have questions.  I continually review and enter your submissions, so visit the toolkit frequently to see the latest additions. There will be more new ones highlighted in the October issue.
SFS Community of Practice (COP)
📣 A Call for abstracts due October 15 was posted on the discussion forum for the Special issue on Sustainable Food Systems and Dietary Patterns in Nutrition and Dietetic Practice in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. Do you have original research, reviews, or commentaries that help contribute toward the Sustainable Food Systems and dietary pattern evidence-base targeted to D-Ns? Click through on the link above and submit!  
Nathan Cook shared new research on the forum related to 👉 Hospital food services, food waste, and COVID-19.  Part of the research notes that, even though there were challenges, "nonetheless, hospitals embraced the challenge and created new positions, trialled different food waste data collection methods, and utilised technology to support food service operations around COVID-19 restrictions.” 
👉 SFS Toolkit COP Group on Food Based Dietary Guidelines (FBDGs) - Our SFS Toolkit Regional Contact for Sri Lanka 👉 Roshan Delabandara shared the link to the new Food Based Dietary Guidelines for Sri Lankans that integrates Sustainability messages.  The handbook says: “Sri Lanka first published FBDG in 2002. A revised version was launched in 2011. In 2020, Nutrition Division of Ministry of Health undertook the task of reviewing and updating the FBDG again, incorporating evidence-based latest information along with the global concept of the environmentally sustainable healthy diet.”
👉 FAO held a food Based Dietary Guideline (FBDG) webinar on integrating SFS on 2022 Sep 28.  Did you also attend? Are you using the new tool?  We'd love to hear what you are doing, join us in the SFS Toolkit FBDG Group discussion group!
👉 The World Food Forum for Youth is being held virtually & in person in Italy from 17-21 October 2022.  This is a youth-led movement and network to transform our agrifood systems, rallying around the 2022 theme: “Healthy Diets. Healthy Planet.”  

Are you attending? Let us know in the 👉 SFS Toolkit Discussion Forum thread on youth (aged 25 and younger) & SFS.

Welcome to new SFS toolkit COP members!  
(click on the blue link to connect via their toolkit profile).  We have some new countries adding their voice to the toolkit. I hope to see posts in the discussion forum sharing SFS tools & information between countries so we can all do better.
🇹🇹 Trinidad and Tobago - Jessica John
🇺🇸 United States - Catherine Rudolph
🇨🇴 Colombia - Christine McCullum-Gomez 
🇺🇸 United States - Noereem M
🇷🇸 Serbia - Nevena Ivanović
🇬🇧 UK - Sarah Garland
🇨🇭 Switzerland - Gina Tüfer
🇸🇪  Sweden - Petra Sjöholm
🇲🇼 Malawi - Lusungu Matupi
🇳🇬 Nigeria - Samuel Olufemi
🌍 Abdoulaye Moussa Idriss
🇦🇺  Austrailia - Kathy Faulkner (also scroll down to Sustainability Spotlight)

Sustainability Spotlight:

🇦🇺 Austrailia - Kathy Faulkner is a Food service dietitian with keen interest in promoting healthy, equitable and sustainable food systems. She has over 15 years of experience as a food service dietitian where she have worked across multiple healthcare settings for both the public and private sectors. She started a PhD in 2020 after the Victorian Government announced its intention to promote local food on hospital menus.  Her PhD topic explores this issue from a practical perspective, investigating the current situation and exploring models for sucess.

Kathy has a strong interest in the wicked problem of institutional food waste prevention and management and has presented on this topic at a number of Dietitian Australia conferences and university lectures.  Institutional food service is an often forgotten, yet significant user of, and contributor to, the greater food system. Institutions are responsible for feeding millions of people year around. Together, they hold significant buying power and hence offer an untapped potential the transition towards a more healthy and sustainable food system.  Their role as service providers to the greater community, uniquely positions them as important leaders in this transition.

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