12.4 Million Gallons and Counting (VIDEO)

How do you build an underground reservoir that's capable of holding millions of gallons of water and withstanding earthquakes? Carefully, and with a lot of help. Join Washington Park Reservoirs Improvement Project engineer Bill Nordquist on this tour of one of our largest current infrastructure projects. 

Washington Park Reservoirs, The Movie (VIDEO)

Sometimes, the infrastructure we build is so big it feels like it should be in a movie. In the spirit of Hollywood, we also made a movie "trailer" for the Washington Park Reservoirs Improvement Project. Get your popcorn and check it out.

Bull Run Treatment: How Infrastructure Serves Our Economy

The investments we're making in the Bull Run Treatment Projects create jobs today and will provide safe, reliable water infrastructure for our community members, businesses, and industries to thrive for generations to come. Learn more and watch the video here. 

In the News: Willamette River Crossing

The Daily Journal of Commerce joined our crews as they prepare to map a pathway under the river for this new, seismically-resilient water pipeline to connect the east and west sides of town. Read the story here. 

And the Engineer of the Year Award Goes To...

Our Chief Engineer Teresa Elliott! Teresa has been with the Bureau since 1996 and has overseen some of our largest infrastructure projects to date. We're proud to have her in the Water Bureau family and glad to see her many accomplishments recognized as she's preparing to retire. Find out more about Teresa here. 
We're Hiring!
Are you a strong leader passionate about infrastructure design and protecting public health? We're recruiting our next Chief Engineer! 
Learn more about the position and how to apply here. 
Earthquakes and Infrastructure: Planning Ahead
How do we plan for an earthquake? Since our mission is to serve excellent water every second of the day, it’s about making sure the pipes that deliver water can withstand a big one. When those pipes have to run beneath a river, things get interesting pretty quick. Check out this take on the Willamette River Crossing Project and how we’re getting ready.
MISSING: A Benson Bubbler
One of our cherished, single-bowl Benson Bubblers has gone missing from the corner of SW 12th and Jefferson! It hurts our hearts (and Bernie's too!). If you have any information on its whereabouts, please contact Water Bureau Security at 503-823-6084.

[For history buffs: The missing bubbler isn’t technically a Benson Bubbler – they have four bowls. Think of it as Benson’s dear cousin, Harlan Hucklebee, of Sheboygan County, Wisconsin. But that’s complicated, too.]
Celebrating Black History in Oregon
In honor of Black History Month, here's just a few of the Black Oregonians that have shaped the city and state we call home. 
Charles Jordan (1937-2014)
Portland City Commissioner

Jordan was Portland's first Black City Commissioner, and also led the Parks Department for 14 years, where he left a lasting footprint as the force behind Pioneer Courthouse Square, among other public spaces. 
He once said:
“What people don’t understand, they won’t value; what they don’t value, they won’t protect; and what they don’t protect, they will lose.”

Learn more about him here. 
Beatrice Morrow Cannaday (1889-1974)
Newspaper editor and activist

Cannaday was many things: the owner and editor of The Advocate, one of the first African-American owned newspapers in Oregon; a founding member of the Oregon NAACP; the first African-American woman to graduate from Northwestern College of Law in Portland. A fierce advocate for the African American community and for women as a whole, she once said:
"The time demands real women."

Learn more about her here.
James DePriest (1936 – 2013)
Music Director, Oregon Symphony

DePriest led the Oregon Symphony for 23 years, in which time he transformed it from a small, local outfit to an internationally- recognized group. Throughout his long career, he was awarded 15 honorary doctorates throughout his career.
Star Trail Blazer Clyde Drexler once said of him:
"If I can do half as much as he's done, I'll be OK." 

Learn more about him here. 
Esperanza Spalding (1984 - )
Jazz bassist and singer

Born and raised in Northeast Portland, Spalding is a multi-Grammy-winning jazz musician who has released seven studio albums and is also a music instructor at Harvard and the Berklee College of Music, all before the age of 40.
She once said: 
“I’m not gonna sit around and waste my precious divine energy trying to explain and be ashamed of things you think are wrong with me.” 

Learn more about her here. 

The City of Portland is committed to providing meaningful access. To request translation, interpretation, modifications, accommodations, or other auxiliary aids or services, contact 503-823-7432, Relay: 711.

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