Testing before the tap

The new Improved Corrosion Control Treatment facilities continue to work as planned: they’re gradually changing the Bull Run water’s chemistry to make it less corrosive to lead and other metals found in some home and building plumbing. The Portland Water Bureau tests how corrosive our water is by replicating the conditions of high-risk homes in our lab. We use those test results to inform operations at the new facilities. We expect our water to become even less corrosive as we continue to increase the pH to 8.5 and alkalinity to 25mg/L.

Watch a video about the testing process.

Aiming for a sustainable filtration design

The Filtration project team is taking a holistic approach to sustainable design. The team plans to use low-carbon concrete, pursue LEED Gold and net-zero energy use for the Administration Building, follow the City’s Green Building Policy, and pursue Envision certification for the facility. The Envision framework assesses sustainability, resilience, and equity in civil infrastructure to better protect the environment, enhance human health and well-being, and bolster economic prosperity. We expect the filtration facility to be the first Envision-certified City project.

Project team shoutout: Michelle Cheek, Bull Run Treatment Program Deputy Program Director 

As a leader on the program, Michelle Cheek directed the Improved Corrosion Control Treatment project team and is leading the Filtration project team to help keep our water safe and abundant now and in the future. Michelle is now also applying her water leadership skills throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond as the new Chair of the American Water Works Association Pacific Northwest Section (AWWA-PNWS) Board of Trustees. AWWA-PNWS provides leadership to drinking water professionals throughout the region. Congratulations, Michelle!

Save the date: Filtration neighbor information meeting  

In July, we’ll host an online community meeting to share design progress.
Date: July 14, 2022
Time: 6–7 p.m.

Please register to attend the meeting. The meeting video and materials will also be posted to the meeting webpage. 

About the Bull Run Treatment Projects

To comply with federal Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, the Portland Water Bureau is planning a water filtration facility, new pipelines, and an improved corrosion control treatment facility. The Bull Run Treatment Projects will provide consistent, high-quality drinking water that meets today’s water quality standards, helps address aging infrastructure concerns and future risks and regulations, and improves system resilience to help keep our water safe and abundant for generations to come.

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