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Knowing Portland is investing in safe, clean water gives Tattoo 34 owner and busy mom, Nisha Supahan, confidence in the future for her business, children, and community.

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Test your knowledge: Filtration trivia

The filtration facility will remove the disease-causing microorganism Cryptosporidium from Bull Run water as required by state and federal safe drinking water regulations. But there’s so much more. How much do you know about the filtration process and its benefits? Test your knowledge to find out! 

1.    In addition to Cryptosporidium, what potential contaminants does filtration treatment remove from drinking water? 
a.    Sediment from large storms
b.    Multiple pathogens
c.    Ash and debris
d.    All of the above

2.    What makes filtration such a good method for treating Portland’s water?
a.    Excellent treatment option for Cryptosporidium
b.    Reduces disinfection byproducts
c.    Addresses high turbidity (fire or storms)
d.    Addresses algae concerns
e.    Keeps sediment out of the distribution system
f.     Helps prepare for future regulations and emerging contaminants
g.    All of the above

3.    Which of these is not one of the steps in the planned filtration process?
a.    Ozone
b.    Coagulation/flocculation
c.    Dehydration
d.    Sedimentation
e.    Filtration
f.    Chlorine disinfection and corrosion control 

Answers:  1=d, 2=g, 3=c

Interested in learning more about the science behind the Bull Run Treatment Projects and the filtration process?  Watch the video from the OMSI Science Pub with Kimberly Gupta, Bull Run Supply Treatment Manager.

Corrosion control project crews make the crucial connections 

Crews haven’t let Portland’s warm summer weather slow them down. They’re keeping up the pace and have made impressive progress, starting with the installation of the silos back in May. In August, they completed pipeline boring across SE Lusted Road and are now making the final connections for the improved corrosion control facility’s pipeline system. They anticipate this work, along with final grading, to be complete in September. 

Pipeline drilling on private property off Lusted Road; anticipate noise

Pipeline drilling begins off Lusted Road, east of Altman Road, and is expected to be completed Thursday, Sept. 2. This activity is on private property and not in the right-of-way or public roads. Work hours will be between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Anticipate noise, typically ranging from 70 to 80 decibels, comparable to a medium-sized tractor.

For the latest construction updates, visit

September 2021 Bull Run Filtration Neighbor Update Meeting

We’ll host a meeting September 9, 2021, to share updates with project neighbors as design moves forward.

Date: Sept. 9, 2021
Time: 6 p.m.–7 p.m.
Please register to attend the meeting. The meeting will be held virtually using Zoom, and a video of the meeting and materials will be posted to the Neighbor Update Meeting webpage.

About the Bull Run Treatment Projects

To comply with federal Safe Drinking Water Act regulations, the Portland Water Bureau is building a water filtration facility, new pipelines, and an improved corrosion control treatment facility. The Bull Run Treatment Projects will provide consistent, high-quality drinking water that meets today’s water quality standards, help address aging infrastructure concerns and future risks and regulations, and improve system resilience to help keep our water safe and abundant for generations to come.

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