Think BIG. 
As the stewards of a water system for a major city, these are words we live by. And this month, there's a lot of BIG going on: 

We closed on a BIG, important loan that will help us save millions on a really BIG project. This is a BIG deal.

Our region got hit with a BIG storm, and our awesome crews worked nonstop to keep the water flowing.

Teens these days are texting about our water system - it's a BIG problem. 

And there's more below, big and small. 

WIFIA: Join us to learn how this low-rate loan will help save millions
Watch the WIFIA award event on Thursday, Mar. 4th at 10:00AM and hear about big steps the Water Bureau is taking to finance necessary improvements to our water system.
Join Senator Jeff Merkley, EPA Acting Administrator for the Office of Water Radhika Fox, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Mayor Ted Wheeler, Water Commissioner Mingus Mapps, former Water Commissioner Amanda Fritz, Water Bureau Director Gabriel Solmer and others for this special, virtual event. Register for this free event here. 
WIFIA: Savings for decades to come (video)
WIFIA got you curious? Check out this video to learn more about the significance of this award to the Water Bureau and everyone in our community who relies on clean, safe, and reliable drinking water today and for future generations.

Our Crews Are Awesome: Part 1!

During the recent President's Day storm, our crews worked around the clock to keep the water on. From responding to main breaks to keeping the roads clear at Bull Run, A LOT of work goes into keeping the water flowing during a snow and ice storm. Read some first-hand accounts from our crew here.  

Sign up for Public Alerts

If you want to get vital, up-to-the-minute information about emergency events sent straight to your phone, do yourself a favor and sign up for this free service in the Portland area. Really, do it. 

Fix a Leak Week!

Did you know that household leaks waste more than one trillion gallons of water nationwide each year? From visible faucet drips to silent toilet leaks, finding and fixing those leaks is a quick and easy way to save water and money. Learn how some leaks can be fixed without calling a plumber (but make sure to call your cat). There’s no better time to do it than Fix-a-Leak-Week, March 15th-21st.
Our Crews Are Awesome: Part 2!
Every year, our Maintenance and Construction (M&C) team ask their crews to identify coworkers who have truly gone above and beyond in their work. This year, 15 will be honored as the M&C Crew Members of the Year. Learn about what makes them outstanding at their jobs. 
It's Main Break Season! 
Winter weather can be hard on water mains (pipes) and that means we are very busy this time of year. Find out more about how main breaks happen and how we deal with them here. 

And the Hard Hat Safety Award Goes to... 

Our partners at Hoffman Construction and our team working on the Washington Park Reservoir Project! The folks at Hoffman do an outstanding job making safety making safety a priority with everything they do, every day.  Check out the full list of honorees here.  
A graphic that reads: Is your teen texting about Portland's Water System? Know the signs. WTF = Where's the Faucet. LMAO = Love my aquifer obviously. FYI = Fortifying your infrastructure. BTW = Best Tap Water. BFF = Bubblers forge friendship. GMTA = Groundwater Moves through aquifers. NSFW = Nobody should forget water

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