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Dear friends:

Twice a year I come to you to ask for your financial help. Our small team at the Ministry Against the Death Penalty does outsized work, not only directly but also indirectly, acting as a conduit, megaphone and network point for abolitionist organizations, prison reform groups, defense lawyers, and others seeking criminal justice reform. Without your contributions, this work would not be possible.

I'd like to introduce our team, each of whom plays an essential part.
  • Sister Margaret Maggio has been by my side in this work from the early, early days. She is our office administrator who manages all the nitty gritty details of my speaking engagements and all sorts of minutiae, such as gathering materials together for my archives at DePaul University.
  • Billy Edwards, our Johnny-come-lately, who joined us a year or so again. Billy works closely with Sr. Marg and handles the in-pouring of email we receive each day.
  • Elizabeth Ryan is our director, who ensures we're legally and financially sound and works with our board (made up of Sisters of St. Joseph).
  • Griffin Hardy began working with us when he was an undergrad at DePaul University, stayed with us while he studied for his law degree at Michigan, and continues to be our Twitter Supremo while now working as a newly minted defense attorney with the public defenders office in New Mexico. Griff also handles many of our media requests.
  • Rose Vines wears a variety of caps: strategist, technology guru, social media co-conspirator with Griffin, and writer (including script-writing the upcoming Graphic Dead Man Walking.)

And then there's You. You help by spreading the word of our work, by responding to our calls for action, by working in your own ways for a more just world. And today, I hope, by donating to this good work we do.

From the heart,



We’d love to hear from you.

Let us know what you’d like to see in future editions of Death Penalty Discourse, what tools and resources you’re using in your community, and how Dead Man Walking has impacted your life. Contact us by email and like us on Facebook for updates and current news.


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