Reviewing our summer activities before another exciting academic year!
Whats been happening over the last month...
  1. UK students assist in revision of QAA's Subject Benchmark Statement for Economics.
  2. First summer seminar in pluralist economics takes place in Jerusalem.
  3. Pluralist economics movement collaborates for engaging new public project Boom Bust Click.
  4. Award-winning filmmakers question the contradictory nature of money and debt.
  5. Upcoming events.
1. UK students assist in revision of QAA's Subject Benchmark Statement for Economics

A UK nationwide campaign and student petition has contributed to a revision of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education’s (QAA) Subject Benchmark Statement for Economics, thanks to the hard work and support of hundreds of students who are rethinking economics.

The campaign led to student organisers and supportive academics within our network supporting and contributing to the changes that our member of the review group had put forward. Their input has changed expectations of what an economics graduate might know, do and understand by the end of their studies, as understood by the independent body entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education.

In response to specific demands of Rethinking Economics representatives, the revised statement now more explicitly acknowledges “the importance of interpretation of key economic events, and the importance of developing a critical approach”. It also affirms economics’interconnectedness with other social sciences such as ethics, philosophy and psychology, as well as a need to foster an understanding of the different and frequently contested ways that economists approach their subject”. Lastly, an additional topic of study has been included, that of financial stability”.

This updated statement is a major revision in how economics departments, employers and prospective students perceive the study of economics. There is still so much more to achieve, but students’ involvement in the QAA benchmark statement review process is a major gain for supporters of a more pluralist, critical and real-world economics education in the UK and worldwide.

To view the updated statement yourself, click here:

2. First summer seminar in pluralist economics takes place in Jerusalem

Forty students across Israel took part in a four-day summer seminar that aimed to 
rethink economic growth and inequality. Discussion topics included 'The real cause of economic inequality according to Thomas Piketty'; 'The history of the development of the growth as a central indicator, and the criticism about it'; 'Inequality in Israel'; and 'Economic aspects of the decision making process in the public sector'. 

The event was organised by the Hebrew University of Israeli Economics Students Forum, and proved a major success in widening students' perspectives and developing critical approaches to the nation's economy. For those residing in Israel and wishing to attend such an event in the future, the forum have groups in Jerusalem, Haifa and Beersheba, and plan to run a pluralist economics summer seminar annually, open to any student of economics hoping to gain a more critical and relevant understanding of economic issues. Email to get involved!

3. Pluralist economics movement collaborates for engaging new public project Boom Bust Click

Rethinking Economics, Post-Crash Economics and film producers Cardano Education are combining to create a new creative and interactive online resource that will equip the public with the tools they need to engage with economics.

Originally an innovative film mixing animation, puppetry, Nobel Prize winners and Monty Python’s Terry Jones to demystify economics, the project has developed to engage the public in an online learning experience entitled ‘Boom Bust Click’. First educating users in the basics of economics through videos, games and quizzes, the online platform will continue to regularly update individuals with engaging analysis of current affairs through videos and podcasts. Finally, users will be encouraged to ‘act’, pointing to online discussion forums and film screenings, and eventually to attend workshops and events in their local community.

The project is a promising step towards a world in which every citizen is able to discuss economics with confidence and understanding.terry-jones


If you’d like to get involved, Boom Bust Click are hosting an open brainstorming event in London on 8th September 2015. For those really passionate about such an initiative, the project is hiring a junior editor to help develop great content – find out more here:

3. Award-winning filmmakers question the contradictory nature of money and debt

“What if it was all a myth?

What if the austerity were based on a misunderstanding about money, or even lies about money? What if the whole of economics as we know it were based on a fundamental misunderstanding of economics and money?”


Academics and award-winning filmmakers Michael Chanan and Lee Salter are back with new project Money Puzzles, aiming both to understand the history of money’s mysteries, and provide a robust and conclusive critique of austerity policies and the destruction being wrought in its wake. Utilising a global range of case studies, the film explores public debt in Cuba, Iraq, Greece and Britain and claims subsequently to undermine the premises upon which austerity policies have been based.


Their previous work, Secret City, examined the anachronistic nature of the Corporation responsible for administrating the City of London, and its role in the 2008 financial crisis. Whereas Chanan and Salter’s first film funded entirely at their expense, this time they have secured over £3000 in public grants – they are looking to supplement this with financial aid from the many individuals supportive of public economics education.


Is this you? Could you donate just £5 (or more if you’re so inclined) to help others learn about the nature of money and debt? For a range of denominations, you will receive gifts ranging from a free download of the film, to a preview screening, to dinner with the producers!


Help Money Puzzles and the pluralist economics movement by donating at

Upcoming events!

7th-9th September, Cambridge, UK: Conference Marking 25 Years of the Cambridge Realist Workshop Social Ontology and Modern Economics'

17th-19th September, London, UK: 'The Colour of Money' - A week of film, art and short discussions exploring what money means to us at the Barbican. Rethinking campaigners, plus Financial Times journalist Claire Jones lead a series of talks aimed at increasing peoples confidence in talking about the economy.

1st-10th October, Manchester, UK: Post-Crash Economics Manchester will be hosting a workshop in Citizen's Economics at the Spirit of Manchester Festival

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