Persian Language Foundation update November 2013
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An exciting development for Persian Language Online is a recently received offer of sponsorship. This comes from Farhang Foundation, which is the foremost organisation in California promoting matters of Persian culture and heritage

This progression will be key in helping the PLF to reach the large Iranian diaspora living in California.
A portion of the website that we are particularly proud of is the 'Alphabet' section.
Click the icon above to visit and explore hundreds of bespoke animations, created to teach the letters of the Persian alphabet in all their forms.

Moving forward


The Persian Language Foundation is pleased to announce that, after months of careful toil in the areas of web development and the composition of pedagogical material, the first level of our educational website, Persian Language Online, is complete!

Whilst Persian Language Online has not yet had its official public launch, and whilst there remain certain enhancements yet to be made; we are keen to share our developments with you, our supporters, in order to receive your valued feedback as we progress.

Clicking on the PLF logo (below) will take you to the website. We will be extremely grateful for your feedback and comments regarding the website's content, ease of use, and functionality.

Recent feedback about the website has been very encouraging. Below are a couple of examples, which I hope will cause you to be as enthused as we have been about the warm reception this resource has received. 

The first is from a man in his 30s who grew up outside of Iran: 

     I just had a quick look at the website. It is extraordinary. I was amazed of how deep the explanations and methods go.
    The beauty of the method is that you actually see and hear the different ways that teachers explain in a real classroom.
    Frankly speaking, I never thought people would actually invest time to push it to this level.
    As an Iranian I am proud to see my language taught on the web at such a standard.
    Thank you and your team for such effort.

The second (below) is from a young American teenager of Iranian descent:

        Wow, I watched the video and it seems like a wonderful, and very effective, program! I would love to try it out and use it once it is finished! Thank you for sending me this!

Feedback and comments can be sent to, or submitted via the website by clicking the envelope icon below:
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