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***** News Flash - only 18 days to go! *****

Excitement is mounting - 550+ delegates now expected!

The momentum continues...

We look forward to welcoming over
550 delegates to ARSC2015!

Thank you all for the wonderful response to ARSC2015 to date.
We welcome your participation in our united aim to reduce road trauma!

The Organising Committee of the 2015 Australasian Road Safety Conference hopes you are able to join over 550 of Australasia’s leading road safety and injury prevention researchers, practitioners, advocates, economists, legal professionals, innovators, policy makers (and many more!) during this year’s inaugural Australasian Road Safety Conference.

The 3-day conference includes over 200 presentations including oral, poster, keynote and panel presentations, with an additional 15 symposium/workshop sessions contributing to this stand-out program.  We have a wonderful collection of engaging and informative keynote speakers and panelists who will be presenting their views on the current state of play as well as where we can make the best headway to expedite road trauma reductions.

If you haven't yet registered or booked your accommodation, please log on to the ARSC2015 website.

We also have exciting news about ARSC2016 to announce very soon - so keep your eye on your emails!  


and most of all....

We look forward to seeing you at ARSC2015!

Online registrations closing Thursday 8 October 2015


Online registrations close Thursday 8 October 2015 

If you would like to register after Thursday 8 October 2015, please contact Renée von Schwan at to determine availability.

Full Conference Registration

Full Conference Registration includes attendance to all conference sessions and the trade area, daytime catering and a conference satchel containing the conference handbook. Full registration also includes the Conference Welcome Reception on Wednesday 14 October and the Conference Dinner on Thursday, 15 October 2015.

  • Standard Registration Fee $1,125
  • Student Standard Registration Fee $825
  • ACRS Corporate Member Standard Registration Fee  $800
  • ACRS Personal Member Standard Registration Fee $900
  • ACRS Retired Member Standard Registration Fee $750
  • Day Registration $550

Student Registrations must provide valid student ID to the Event Manager by emailing

Day Only Registration

Day Only Registration includes attendance to all conference sessions and the trade area on the specified day of registration, as well as a conference satchel, handbook and access to proceedings. Day Only Registration does not include attendance at the Conference Welcome Reception or Conference Dinner although an additional dinner ticket may be purchased.

  • Wednesday - 14 October 2015 - Full Day Only Registration: $550
  • Thursday - 15 October 2015 - Full Day Only Registration: $550
  • Friday - 16 October 2015 - Full Day Only Registration: $550
Please visit the Conference Website for further information and to register online.
International Expertise on Show at ARSC2015!

With road safety a global issue, the Conference Organising Committee is looking forward to welcoming delegates from all over the globe, and thank those speakers who are traveling long distances to share their expertise at this year’s event.

The Conference program features a number of dedicated internationally themed sessions, including a workshop delivered by the World Bank, a symposium on the development of a package of actions to improve road safety in ASEAN and a symposium outlining a unique insight into the developing issues and challenges faced in Oman.
Delegates interested specifically in international road safety issues will be able to attend dedicated sessions on the topic across all three days of the conference.

Download the Conference Program here.
Workshops & Symposia - something for everyone!
With 15 workshops and symposia organised throughout the 3 days of conferencing, there will undoubtedly be something for everyone.....
Workshops & Symposia include:
  • Factors affecting young driver risk
  • Road safety education in schools
  • Policing and Enforcement – collaborative action for change
  • Road Safety Barriers for Cars and Motorcycles
  • The National Road Safety Partnership Program
  • Safety of workers at roadwork sites
  • Who is responsible for road safety?
  • Why do we have to choose which regulation to break?
  • ASEAN road safety strategy
  • Community road safety
  • Driving heavy vehicle safety through technology
  • World Bank Report on road safety in the Pacific region
  • Motorcycle coaching program for novice riders – development and evaluation
  • Crash investigation studies
  • and much more!
Here's a teaser for just 4 of the 15 sessions organised for delegates:
1.  Dedicated Road Safety Education Workshop: 9am – 12noon, Wednesday 14 October 2015
The Conference Scientific Committee is pleased to welcome representatives from the Road Safety Education Reference Group Australasia (RSERGA), and thank them for coordinating a dedicated workshop on road safety in schools. This workshop will review evidence-based research surrounding road safety education including selecting appropriate road safety programs and reviewing the effectiveness of existing programs.

An important component of this workshop will be road safety education in the Australian Curriculum and a participant workshop session centred on road safety curriculum alignment using Queensland curriculum support materials (C2C). C2C resources are provided to support schools to implement the Australian Curriculum. C2C resources assist with planning, teaching, learning and assessment of the Australian Curriculum. A presenter from C2C will be providing a workshop session with a teaching focus, demonstrating how road safety education can be incorporated into the classroom.

We encourage all delegates with a particular interest in road safety education to join this workshop.

Please note this session starts at 9am on the first day of the conference!

2.  Policing and Enforcement - Collaborative Action for Change: 10am-4pm, Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Policing and enforcement workshop aims to showcase collaborative action for change, including international perspectives from TISPOL, the European traffic policing network. The TISPOL organisation acts as a platform for learning and exchange of good practice between traffic police forces of Europe. Its activities are guided by research, intelligence, information and experience, and producing measurable results.

Speakers will be asked to ‘think outside of the box’ in a speed dating session questioning, “if money was no option, what would a road policing enforcement model look like?” Other sessions will include presentations on technology in policing and how to best use social media to enhance enforcement and road safety. Attendees will be able to share ideas, network and interact with representatives from policing and law enforcement at a national and international level.
3.  Who is Responsible for Road Safety? 3pm - 4.30pm, Wednesday 14 October 2015

This session will provide an opportunity for delegates to hear from a variety of sector representatives discussing their take on 'who is responsible for road safety?'.

Where do the perceptions lie, across all sectors of society, in terms of where each thinks the responsibility lies for ensuring best road safety outcomes – in the community, with our policy advisors, with our politicians and strategists, corporations, academics, legal bodies, policing and emergency services agencies, engineers & road builders, insurance agencies, manufacturers, educators, doctors and trauma specialists, vulnerable road users, heavy vehicles…..?

What do we all think, and how can we harness this diversity of opinion to produce best road trauma reduction outcomes?
4.  World Bank and iRAP – How to halve road deaths and injuries by 2020 across the Asia Pacfiic Region – and how you can help!

The UN has set an ambitious target to halve road deaths and injuries by 2020. This will require a change in road safety leadership, scale and action across Asia and the Pacific.

The World Bank and other development agencies will play a critical role in achieving this target and the session will explore World Bank leadership, scale and action with case studies from India and the Pacific Islands and iRAP work across the Asia Pacific Region.

Participants will be encouraged to share ideas and suggestions for upcoming road safety projects.
To find out more about any of these 15 sessions, click on the following links:
Keynote Speakers Shine a Light on the
Future of Road Safety
Hear from our engaging keynote speakers and panellists!

Following are examples of just two of the conferences keynote speakers - the Scientific Committee are sure you'll agree the sessions will have something for everyone....

Global road safety:
Challenges for the future and learnings from Australasia

Dr Barry Watson, CEO, Global Road Safety Partnership
This presentation will outline the humanitarian crisis represented by current trends in global road trauma. It will review the extent to which the goals of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety are being achieved and the significant challenges involved in stabilising and reducing road fatalities, particularly in low and middle income countries.

Opportunities to address these challenges will be highlighted, along with the need to better align road safety goals with broader transport, health and social change agendas at the local, national and international level. Special attention will be given to learnings from Australia and New Zealand that can be used to enhance global road safety, as well as lessons for Australasia from other high-performing countries.

Future of Policing:
The European perspective

Ruth Purdie, General Secretary, TISPOL
This keynote address will focus on building an understanding of how different police agencies can work together to achieve a significant strategic aim. The European Commission has a stated a ten year target for reducing road deaths. Between 2010 - 2020 a reduction in road deaths across Europe by 50% is the challenge. How is this being achieved? The work shop will give an understanding of the activities and ideas that are making significant inroads towards this target. 
The European Cross Border Directive has enabled European countries to work together to bring offending drivers to justice. Significantly Pan European Policing operations are now being run with a focus on criminality and road safety. How can an approach that includes safety and security enable success? The workshop will explore "Operation Trivium" a pan European policing operation, an initiative that is enabling a transition from a focus on road safety to road safety and security by many European Countries.

Read more....
  Barry and Ruth are just two of the conferences seven invited speakers. To find out more about each of them, visit the Conference Website or click on the following links:
  • Dr Barry Watson, CEO, Global Road Safety Partnership Program
  • Mr Gavin Smith: CEO, Robert Bosch Australia
  • A/Prof Brian Owler: President, Australian Medical Association
  • Prof Gerry Fitzgerald: Professor of Public Health and Director; Queensland University of Technology
  • Ruth Purdie: General Secretary, TISPOL – European Traffic Police Network
  • Mark Textor: Managing Director and Co-Founder, Crosby|Textor Group; Chairman, Amy Gillett Foundation
  • Prof James Harrison: Director, Research Centre for Injury Studies, Flinders University & Director, National Injury Surveillance Unit (NISU)
Thanks to our Supporters! 
We are very proud to showcase our supporters:
Thank you to our many supporters who are joining us to showcase their commitment to road trauma reductions - without the valued support of these organisations, the conference would not be possible. 

On behalf of all delegates we sincerely thank you & look forward to seeing you at ARSC2015!

Thank you again to all of the following organisations who have taken up partnerships with the conference this year - without you the conference would not be shaping up to be such a successful event, able to save more lives and injuries on our roads:

Surgeons earn CPD points at ARSC2015! 

ARSC2015 approved by RACS as a CME activity
We are delighted to announce that ARSC2015 has been approved by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) as an approved Continuing Medical Education (CME) activity.  This means that all RACS Fellows can earn points towards their annual CME requirement through participation at ARSC2015.  In turn this elevates the conference to a new level, with surgeons joining with the many other sectors of road safety participating at ARSC2015 to work together to expedite road trauma reductions.

The fifth and final pillar of the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety (2010-2020) focuses on Post-Crash Response and the gains that can be made through collaborative work that includes all those working across this sector.   The importance of post-crash response sector, and in particular that of trauma surgeons, was emphasised by the ACRS Patron, Sir Peter Cosgrove, during the ACRS awards ceremony in November 2014.  Sir Peter remarked that the greatest similarity he has seen to road trauma victim injuries has been with tsunami victims - hence the reason we mobilise emergency support from trauma surgeons to assist post-tsunami emergencies. 

Sir Peter likened road trauma to 'an innocent war on our roads'.  Surgeons are at the front end of this 'war'.  ACRS aims to build wider acknowledgement of this important sector and its ability to contribute to meaningful improvements towards improved road trauma outcomes.  RACS participation and inclusion in ARSC2015 is therefore an extremely important step in this direction.

There are currently around 7,000 RACS Fellows across Australasia who hold medical registration and are required to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) through RACS approved activities, so with ARSC2015 now earning CME accreditation we are very much looking forward to welcoming many of these dedicated medical professionals to the conference.
*** Decreased Road Trauma = Improved Public Health ***

With road trauma across Australia alone resulting in over 1,000 deaths and 30,000 serious injuries every year, surgeons are called on to bear the brunt of these road trauma outcomes - from receiving patients 24/7/365, to performing surgeries, dealing with distraught family members, and providing ongoing follow-up care to road trauma victims.   Our surgeons are an extremely important sector dealing with the ripple effects from road trauma, and therefore RACS continue to have an important role as an expert representative body seeking and attaining road trauma reductions on behalf of the entire community. 

Participation of RACS Fellows at ARSC2015 significantly strengthens the effectiveness of all ARSC2015 outcomes, and we welcome this announcement.     

We look forward to welcoming all RACS Fellows
to ARSC2015!

Updated Program - Hot off the press!
ARSC2015 Program - Updated regularly!

The ARSC2015 Program offers the latest in research, practice and policy across the five pillars of action set out by the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety (Road Safety Management, Infrastructure, Safe Vehicles, User Behaviour, and Post Crash Care). The program includes keynote speakers, plenary panel sessions, workshops, symposia, concurrent sessions and poster presentations.  There will undoubtedly be sessions of interest for everyone.
Latest Program

Concurrent sessions (multiple presenters in the one session) include:
  • Road safety management and strategy
  • Vehicle safety
  • Technology
  • Speed cameras and enforcement
  • Distraction
  • Fatigue
  • Road safety infrastructure
  • Road safety education
  • Cycling safety
  • Work-related road safety
  • Driver attitudes
  • Vehicle and signage technology
  • Graduated driver licensing
  • Motorcycles
  • Pedestrians
  • Drink driving
  • Drug driving
  • Mentor programs
  • Older drivers
  • Road safety advertising
  • Offenders who speed - characteristics and profiling
  • Child passenger protection
  • Best use of data for road safety benefits
  • and much more!
Join us at ARSC2015
Be an active participant in the road trauma solution!

ARSC2015 *Program* (download)
Workshops/Symposia (download)
ACRS & Conference Awards

Please join us at the ARSC2015 Dinner & Awards Ceremony
& at the Closing Plenary Session

****Celebrating our exemplary road safety leaders!****

ARSC2015 includes
Australasia's most prestigious
Road Safety Awards

2015 ACRS Fellowship Award

Recognising our exemplary individuals!
(To be presented during the ARSC2015 Dinner)

The Award

The prestigious ACRS Fellowship is recognised as the Australasian road safety community’s highest honour, recognising an individual for their outstanding committment and effectiveness in their efforts to reduce road trauma.  The Australasian College of Road Safety first instituted the award of College Fellow in 1991.  The list of Fellows since the inception of the award is recognition of the significant road trauma reduction achievements by these outstanding individuals.

The Achievement

Fellows are acknowledged by colleagues and co-workers as outstanding, by virtue of contributions to road safety rather than their position.  The contributions are of such a nature that they have led to substantial growth and improvement in an important institution or organisation, body of knowledge or aspect of thought and practice associated with road safety. 

2015 3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award

Recognising the efforts of our exemplary
organisations, groups and projects!

(To be presented during the ARSC2015 Dinner)

The Award

The 3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award calls for any road safety practitioner from the public or private sector to submit highly innovative, cost-effective road safety initiatives/programmes which they have recently developed that stand out from the standard, everyday practice and deliver significant improvements in road safety for the community.


Grand Prize

The winner will RECEIVE a trip to the USA to attend the 46th ATSSA Annual Convention & Traffic Expo in 2016 in Virginia, USA, and visit 3M Global Headquarters in Minnesota.  The winner will also present their winning entry and a report on their USA trip at the next Australasian Road Safety Conference.  They may also be eligible to present at the ATSSA Convention.


ARSC2015 Conference Awards

Recognising the best papers at the conference
(To be presented during the ARSC2015 closing plenary session)

The Awards

The 3M-ACRS Diamond Road Safety Award calls for any road safety practitioner from the public or private sector to submit highly innovative, cost-effective road safety initiatives/programmes which they have recently developed that stand out from the standard, everyday practice and deliver significant improvements in road safety for the community.

We are proud to welcome the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) as conference award sponsors for the following four awards:


1.  Peter Vulcan Award for Best Research Paper

$1000 prize plus certificate

This prize is awarded to the first author of the researcher paper presented at the conference which is ranked best against the following criteria in order of priority:

  1. 1.  Scientific/technical merit of the work
  2. 2.  Potential contribution to road safety
  3. 3.  Originality of approach


2.  Road Safety Practitioners Award

$1,000 prize plus certificate 

This prize is awarded to the paper that reflects a road safety issue, completed road safety program or campaign that is ranked best against the following criteria in order of priority:

  • 1.  Potential contribution to road safety
  • 2.  Originality in development and delivery/design
  • 3.  Demonstrated links between the need for the program/campaign/work and its results


3.  Road Safety Poster Award

$500 prize plus certificate

This prize is awarded to recognise the poster that reflects a completed road safety program, campaign or research project that is ranked best against the following criteria in order of priority:

  • 1.  Potential contribution to road safety
  • 2.  Originality in development and delivery
  • 3.  Demonstrated links between the need for the program, campaign or research project and its results


4.  Conference Theme Award

$500 prize plus certificate

This prize is awarded to the first author of the paper that best fits the conference theme.  All conference papers are eligible for this award.


All awards above are proudly supported by the Transport Accident Commission:



We are also proud to offer the John Kirby Award, sponsored by the NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust:


5.  John Kirby Award for best paper by a new researcher

$1000 plus certificate

The NRMA-ACT Road Safety Trust are sponsoring the John Kirby Road Safety Award, awarded to the first author and presenter of the research paper by a new researcher which is ranked best against the following criteria (in order of priority):

  • 1.  scientific/technical merit of the work
  • 2.  potential contribution to road safety
  • 3.  clarity of presentation
  • 4.  originality of approach

For the purposes of the award, a new researcher is defined as one who:

  • 1.  has not previously presented a paper at a conference in this series
  • 2.  has not attended more than one previous conference in this series
  • 3.  has been involved in road safety research for less than three years

Read more on the Awards Website
Awards Website (link)
Conference Sponsorship & Exhibition:
Jude Williams - ARSC2015 Sponsorship & Exhibition Manager

Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland

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