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Do Your Roses Have Rosette Disease?

If your roses look like this, we have some bad news for you.

Rosette Disease - a virus spread by mites carried in the wind - is running rampant in our region. Unfortunately, the virus is deadly for your rose bushes, and there is no cure. The only way to protect the rest of your garden is to remove the infected plant as soon as possible and hope the mites have not already spread.

However, for those of you who have a beloved shrub that you simply cannot bear to part ways with, Garrett Churchill has a couple of steps you can follow to prolong the inevitable.
Click Here To Learn How To Extend The Life Of Your Infected Roses

Does Soil Type Matter When Building A Patio?

Did you know that soil type actually makes quite a difference when installing a patio?

If you’ve performed any research, or read a paver catalog, you’ll know that there is a required stone base installation for any type of hardscape. You'll also know that in the Northeast, unless you live near the beach, you must deal with clay soils.

Unfortunately, the higher the percentage of clay, the more difficult the soil is to work with. 

Garrett Churchill has compiled a list of four important tips to follow if you're planning on installing a patio yourself:
  1. Don't over-excavate
  2. Compact the soil
  3. Install geotextile fabric
  4. Install the proper stone base.
However, since there is a true science to it, this is one project that might be best left to the experts!
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