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EBA Statutes changed
Board agreed with proposal

In Zagreb, the EBA Board agreed with an overwhelming majority to move to amended EBA Statutes. The main changes are concerning the Executive elections and terms of office. Changes include that any Executive can serve a maximum of 12 years and that the President and Vice-President are chosen into office by the Board, while the functions of Treasurer and Secretary are chosen by the Executives from within the Executive Board. The new statutes can be read here, the changes can be examined here.

As a consequence of the new statutes, unfortunately, Philippe Vandekerckhove will not be able to run a second term. He has been in the Executive Board administratively for 12 years at the end of this calendar year. His term as President ends on 31st December 2016. The EBA will launch the election procedure in May. 

ABO: Medical Leadership Training

The Alliance of Blood Operators initiated the Medical Leadership Scheme: this is a 9-month initiative in which delegates can enhance their leadership skills in the role of Chief Medical Officer or other medical leadership positions. The course will suit those newly in post or potential successors to such posts. The scheme will focus on three areas for development:
• Managing Self
• Leading Others
• Leading Strategically
members interested in applying for the course and consequently hosting one, can first fill in the survey on the preference of modules through this link and applications for the course can be sent to the EBA Secretariat up to 3 June, using this application form. Additional information is in the leaflet.

EU Consortium: Donor Selection & Protection

Based on the Work Programme 2016 of the EC Health Programme 2014-2020, Sanquin is gauging EBA members interest in joining a consortium regarding Donor Selection and Protection. For more information, contact Wim de Kort.
Email Wim de Kort

PLUS consensus and IPPC congress presentations online

The presentations of both the PLUS Consensus Conference (January 14-15) and the International Plasma Protein Congress (March 22-23) have been added to EBAse and can be viewed on this page, under the headers PLUS and PPTA.

Eurobloodpack II: Invitation to Tender 

The Eurobloodpack 2 invitation to tender will be issued on April 29 by NHSBT. In the tender the overall EBA Membership is indicated as potential beneficiary. However, it is important for the collaborative procurement process and the project participants, to know which contracting authorities will be on board. To ease the decision making process, all EBA members will receive further information including a list of Most Frequently Asked Questions. Please contact Joëlle Guerra for details and to learn how to join the project.
Email Joëlle Guerra

Presentations Board Meeting

For Board members' access, all presentations of the Zagreb Board Meeting have been added to the online Board Papers now, please check EBAse.

No Chagas disease cases found in the Dutch blood donor population

With increased traveling from donors, the chances of passing on Chagas disease have grown. And because infected persons do not show clinical symptoms for many years after being infected, donors may donate infectious blood unknowingly. Sanquin Blood Supply and the Academic Medical Center of Amsterdam studied risk factors for and the presence of T. cruzi infection among 227,278 Dutch blood donors.
The researchers conclude that blood safety interventions to mitigate the risk of T. cruzi transmission by blood products in the Netherlands would be highly cost-ineffective and are thus not required. This may apply to other European countries as well, in particular to countries with low numbers of immigrant donors from Latin American countries with the highest prevalence of Chagas disease. Publication in PLOS ONE

EC publishes VUD reports

Tuesday 26/4 the EC published reports on the compliance of MS to the principle of VNRD, or VUD as EC refers to it to the field of Blood and Tissues and Cells. Also it published docucuments on the implementation of the EU Directives for Blood and Tissues and Cells.

Board Meeting Zagreb

Calender of Events 

23 | EBA Executive Teleconference | 10.00 - 11.30
24 | PLUS Conference, part II | Estoril, Portugal | KA invited for EBA
25 - 26 | IPFA/PEI Workshop on "Surveillance and Screening of Blood Borne Pathogens" | Lisbon, Portugal

14 | World Blood Donor Day, Amsterdam
14 | AVIS Conference | attended by KA
28 | EBA Executive Meeting

13-15 | European Conference Donor Health & Management  | Cambridge, England

22 | EBA Executive Teleconference | 10.00 - 11.30

7-10 | 49. Jahrestagung des DGTI | Nuremberg, Germany  | Programme [pdf, 1 MB] | registration

6 | EBA Executive meeting | 9.00 - 12.30 | Frankfurt, Germany
6-7 | EBA 38th Board meeting | Frankfurt, Germany
31 | EBA Executive Teleconference | 9.30 - 11.00 

6 | EBA Executive meeting 

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